Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Time for a new project!

This fantastic winter continued today, right on schedule.   Great sunny weather and nice and warm, with no winds this morning made for a great time over at the flying field.  Tom and Cheryl in Richmond Hill skype called us this afternoon, just to drive themselves a little more crazy over our great weather…  one day soon guys, your time will come!

After flying and swimming, we took a quick run into DHS for some supplies… needed them to start my new project!

I have decided to try my luck (again…) at building myself a new airplane to fly.  A bunch of the guys I fly with have built their own, with good success… so i figure why not me!  The plane I am going to build is called a Fusion and is pretty neat little plane.  Four or five of the guys have already built this plane, so I was able to borrow planes and start on my project.  It is going to be made from Dapron, which is a dense type of foam board… good for airplanes.

Here I am below working on some cut outs for the new plane… I am actually going to build two, as it is just as easy to built two, if you are going to build one!  Besides, sometimes the way I fly, you need a spare plane or two!


This is a picture of one of the Fusion’s that one of the guy’s built below… it is fairly big, and flies real good!



This next picture give you a better view of some of the guts to the plane with electronics attached…


Out of the blue we had some desert wind blow up here this afternoon, but it is all but stopped now.

Till tomorrow…


  1. have fun building your own flying machine!

  2. Thats a pretty neat design for a plane.

  3. My only problem with building my own plane, as opposed to just buying an "ARF", would be the sense of loss when the thing crashes. And it will crash. (Well, maybe not yours, but mine would)

    Good luck.

  4. How interesting to build your own plane. I would love to do that.

    I don't see a battery? I assume it runs on battery???

    Good Luck on your build and it's first flight...I'm anxious to see it "take flight."


  5. From pilot to aeronautical engineer! Simply amazing!