Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Year!

Today started off real good weather wise, but it did get down to 41 deg. F. last night… probably the coldest night we have endured here!  However, around 9:30 the winds came back and pretty much stayed around for the day.  I did get out flying the planes for an hour and a half this morning before the winds came up, and when I returned to the RV this is what I encountered inside…

Apparently the FAA had declared the inside of our RV as a “No Fly Zone” after my recent incident…


So this is also a leap year!  Imagine that!  Why do we have leap year?  ( Who leaps with a briefcase anyways…)

Leaping man

Well, the reason we have leap year of course, is due to the fact it takes 365 days, and 6 hours for the Earth to made one revolution around our Sun.  Hence, every four years, we add in an extra day on the calendar to make up this extra day. 


earth around sun

It can sure mess things up though, especially if your birthday is Feb. 29th!  Talk about a dogs life…  Also if you are like me and receive your Pension cheque on the 1st of the month, you end up having to wait a extra day to get paid!  Bummer. 

Oh well, four more years to the next leap!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Happy leap day! We woke up to snow on the ground - not much and it melted quickly, but it snowed off and on all day. Nice to look at as long as we're warm and cozy inside.

  2. Holy Leap Year!! Sure makes February a long month!

  3. "No Fly Zone"? I guess I missed it. Were you trying to fly one of those ARFs inside? Or was it something much smaller?