Monday, February 6, 2012

You know your getting old when…

How old did I feel today???


I will tell you how old… Judy completed all the paper and online work, and I applied for my CPP!  (Canada Pension Plan for our American Readers!)  I will not turn 60 until this September, but you can apply early so it is all set to go…  Judy is always super organized that way.  Yes, I also decided to take an early payment on my CPP, why not!

No flying this morning, as I decided to attend the Men’s Breakfast in our Resort.  About 80 men out today, and our neighbour Gene gave a talk on 5 years he spent in Africa with the Peace Corp. here in the U.S.  Very interesting talk.  He was teaching electrical engineering to young students.

A quick note of thanks to Rick tonight, from Rick & Paulette's RV Travels.  He sent a bunch of information to our friends Tom and Cheryl in Richmond Hill, Ont. in regards to towing a 5th Wheel Trailer.  I thought I would try and slip yesterday’s blog of our trip to the Box Canyon Road past Rick, but he caught me!  Rick and Paulette just recently completed the same trip along that neat road. 

So much from my prediction that the Pat’s would win yesterday’s Super Bowl Game!  Good thing I didn’t put a bunch of money on it! 

Bit of a lazy day today, as we did a bit of shopping in Ranch Mirage today, and the rest of the afternoon, I was working on my plane, so will not draw this blog out long tonight!

Till tomorrow…


  1. may as well be prepared for September!!..not that far off really!

  2. John, that's an amazing likeness of you! I took the CPP at 60 too - when the Government offers you money - take it, I always say.

    Thanks for the mention and I hope the info I sent is helpful to your friends.