Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What happened???

Seems the weather man had it in for us all here in DHS today… probably one of the worst days weather wise since we have arrived here!  Storm cloud

We ended up this morning with a bunch of desert wind blowing again, and things just got worse… Judy got her swimming in, but I could not fly, and ended up doing a bit of work on the planes, and a whole lot of nothing all day!  Just taking life easy, which is what everyone told me to do once I retired! 

This afternoon, Judy went into Town for a bit of shopping and to get her hair done, while I was here at the RV to participate in the Resort Emergency Drill.  At 3:00 the air horns went off, and you had to put a white towel out on the front of your RV to indicate to the Block Captains that you are “OK”…  This was an all Resort Drill, and it seemed to go off pretty good.  At least they do have a plan here in the event of an emergency! 

Then the rain hit… has been raining now for the past couple hours, and it is not real warm… in the 50’s… WHAT HAPPENED?

One thing we did do today, was set up a new HP 5510 Printer/Copier/Scanner/Drink Getter machine.  We were just going to buy new printer cartridges for our old Cannon, but for like $15.00 more, we bought the new printer, with ink, and is also wireless… what a deal.  Best was, it did not take long to get it set up.


I can also send an email from my smart phone to the printer, and it will print!  Go figure!  I was also very thirsty this afternoon, so I sent it an email asking for a drink, and before you know it, I had a drink!  Thanks HP!

That was what kind of day it was here…

Till tomorrow…


  1. I have one just like it. I asked it to get me a cup of coffee..... nope wouldn't do it. I'm so jealous :)

  2. O.K. but did your drink come with ice? If not, you'd better take that printer back and get the new, upgraded version!!

  3. what happened is right!!! Seems every time I get my hair done it rains...maybe judy has the same luck? have a super weekend-uggg can't read the verify keeps asking me over and over...