Monday, February 27, 2012

Here comes the weather!

The winds came back to haunt us last night, and blew pretty much right through the night…  This morning the temperatures were all cooled off, and it looks like it is snowing up in the mountains! 

Judy was off to the warm pools this morning, as I was left working on one of my planes that gravity had taught a lesson to!  I got it all finished up and was testing it out inside the RV… (mistake), and the engine had a little burp, and wound up and started to move the plane on me… with the prop hitting me in the chest.  Yup, it left a mark or two… they are very powerful, and lesson learned!

Other than a quick trip into DHS this afternoon to pick up some gauze pads, it was very un-eventful.

Yesterday, however we had a couple nice skype calls with our Granddaughters, so here is a bit of a fix for you all…

First we will head off to Ottawa, Ontario, and we find Paige all dressed up like a princess, and Emmie in the background ready to play soccer!

Video call snapshot 93

These two girls have a lot of energy as you can tell, and the skype calls are never dull!

Video call snapshot 95

Here we go, about 7 hour drive down the 401, and we are in Woodstock, Ontario.  This are a lot calmer here, as Gwenny is showing off her nice outfit for the day! (Maybe she is wondering what Mom’s laptop is doing inside her crib???

Video call snapshot 97

That was about it for today, maybe we will have better weather tomorrow.

Till tomorrow…


  1. Ouch! And needing gauze doesn't sound good. No more practicing in the rig for you. Love that Skype.

  2. Glad you injury wasn't any worse cuz that one would be kinda hard to explain to the medical personnel in the emergency room!! Love those pictures of your granddaughters - full of life, aren't they?

  3. first off least you didn't need stitches! watchout for flying planes inside the RV!..the girls are so cute!..and getting so big!!

  4. Glad you weren't cut in half by that propeller!

    Great Skype photos of the grandkids!!

  5. Bet the girls will be looking forward to your and Judy's return. Glad the propeller mishap wasn't any worse Ouch! Happy Flying.