Friday, February 10, 2012

A busy day in the Desert!

Another hard day at work, I was off to the flying field at 7:30 this morning, as it was another beautiful day for flying!  Love it here!

Judy was at the flag pole by 8:00 and left for the weekly hike with the gang from the Chapel.  They had quite a crew today, as they headed out to Brice’s Canyon in Desert Hot Springs.

Apparently this is a newer trail, and the sign was just recently put up for it!


I am not sure where this trail head is, but I sure know Mount Jacinto in the background!


I was not on this hike, but looking at the pictures I soon realised they were into some funky hiking for sure!



Judy said it was a great hike, might have to go back and check it out!


After flying was over, I had a few hours to kill as I knew Judy was going to be out for lunch with the group.   What better to do??? Head out on the Burgman for a tour!  It was a great day.  Started off by heading up the road to the Palm Springs Tram.  This road goes up 2,000 feet in elevation, and it was starting to cool off the closer I got to the tram… I actually could not get too close, as it was so busy at the tram, and a guard was keeping traffic away from the tram so could not get a good picture today.  Here is the old tram below, that they used to use.  The new one is much bigger and is round.


On the ride back to Palm Springs, you get some great views of the north end of Palm Springs.


This picture below shows many of the 3,000 plus windmills in the mountain pass at Palm Springs… they were not turning very much today… 85 deg. F. or over 30 deg. C for the Canuks out there.


There are some very nice homes in north Palm Springs, with lots of nice landscaping.  Check out the tree below…


I took a drive out to the south end of Palm Springs, (heck, I had all day!) and decided to climb up the Hwy. 74 which goes up to the Town of Idywilde.  This is a very scenic road to ride, and great for Motorcycles!  I only went up as high as the outlook, which is probably about 3,000 feet up.


I forgot my camera when I left, so all these pics are taken with my LG Smartphone today.  You got a great view of the Salton Sea from up high!


They built a nice outlook here…


My excuse to Judy for taking off on the Burgman, was that I had to break in the new tires!


You get a commanding view of the Coachella Valley.



This afternoon, Judy and I took a bike ride out to Cabazon, where there are over 100 Brand Name Outlet Stores!  We made our contribution to the U.S. economic recovery today!  I even took my darling Wife out for a nice Italian Dinner tonight… (although it might have been in the food court… does that count???)


We had tickets to attend the Kid Fiddlers tonight at our Resort… they were real good with a large crowd of about 200 people taking in the great show!

I received an email tonight from a friend of ours in Florida.  Norm sent me this picture below… you know you had a bad day when… you are trying to launch your boat by backing your truck down the boat launch ramp, and you think you put it in Park and you didn’t, and you get out, and the truck rolls back, and you try to stop it, and instead of stopping it, you fall and it actually runs you over, as it backs into the lake!  Yikes… Norm reports the driver was taken to Hospital, and is recovering.  Don’t know if the truck will!


I am watching the Leaf game as I do this blog, but don’t ask, it is not good!

Till tomorrow…


  1. That looks like some mighty rough going on that trail...but the ladies seem to be having a good time with it. Beautiful day. I love the views from that overlook.

  2. You two have clearly been reading Rick&Paulette's RV travels! That's twice in a month you've been copy cats :):) This time it's to the outlet stores. Don't worry Rick, imitation is the best form of flattery.

  3. You should have gone further on your trip trek in Idywilde. You could have visited our daughters cabin.

    That hike looks like a good one!

  4. I sure hope that boater is okay. What a disaster that is. Glad you're helping out the economy over your way. And any meal that doesn't have to be cooked at home counts, food court or not.