Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday!

As I am not a real football fan, every time the Super Bowl Bus drives by once a year, I jump on and watch the game.  This year no different.  As I write this blog, the Pat’s are ahead of the Giants 17 to 9, and looks to me like they will win the game… maybe…

Judy and I enjoyed the 1/2 time show with Madonna… the way I look at it, if you land the 1/2 time show gig, play what the people want to hear!  She did, and had a spectacular ending by disappearing from the stage in a big puff of smoke!  Cool!

Judy and I took a drive today on the Burgman, down to what is known as the Box Canyon Road.  This road winds from Hwy. 10 over to the Town of Mecca.  It is a nice drive, and today the weather was perfect for it!



Judy took all these pictures from the back seat of the Burgman… it is an area full of slot canyons… we didn’t go hiking today, but plan on going back.



This area is known here as “BLM” land, and it is public.  Lots of hiking and Jeep type trails through this area.


What you see is what you get here, very little vegetation here… lots of sand and rocks.


The slot canyons are formed thanks to erosion in this area…  there is a lot of sandstone type material around.



It makes for a real nice motorcycle ride for sure!


After you leave the canyons, you continue on the road into Mecca, and a bunch of agriculture!  Check out this vineyard, there were a few hundred acres of grapes growing, and some being irrigated.


Throw in a bunch of lemon trees.


And these plants below, just starting, appeared to be peppers.


We pulled into Oasis Dates, where they sell tons of dates, and of course date shakes!  I had an ice cream cone, as I am not the greatest date fan out there!


They had a nice grass area to sit out on while you eat, and lots of people dropped by today.  The Palm Trees supply the needed shade!



Another great day overall, guess I will watch and see who wins this football game!

A big welcome to RuthieG tonight, who is our 100th follower of the blog!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Looks like a great ride. Even though it is lacking in vegetation, the canyon walls and rock formations are interesting.

    In our family Russ gets all the dates...guess that's why he's so sweet!!

  2. and here I thought that everyone loved dates! least you got an ice cream though!!

  3. Looked like the perfect day for the ride and that ice cream.

  4. Hmmm? Looks like a very familiar trip. I seem to recall doing that same drive just a few days ago. It was nice to see it all again. You really should have tried their Date Shakes!!

    Unfortunately, the game didn't turn out the way I had hoped. Oh well, who cares anyway - the sun is out!

  5. Nice ride on a nice day. Hard to beat that!