Thursday, February 16, 2012

Major Snow Storm Hits Desert Hot Springs!

OK, so you probably figured out by now, the snow was up in the mountains… I don’t think the snow has ever touched the Desert floor here, but I should never say never!

The first show is of good old Mount Jacinto.  It was a bit angry today as you can see.  It is also not too difficult to figure out how far down the snow made it on the mountain… I call it about 1/2 way down, you cannot see the peak of the mountain due to the clouds.


Here is Mount Gorgonio below… it was also snowed on real heavy.  The ski hill up at Big Bear will be happy!  I went out to the flying field to takes these pictures today, as it offers a good view of the mountains.  Yes, the desert wind was still up today, so no flying!  I am getting out of practice!


We took life very easy today, doing some RV cleaning, and laundry… however the biggest event going on in the Resort today, was the water volleyball tournament!  It was going all day!  No, I did not play… too busy flying!  Word is out that the Resort may build a new pool strictly for water ball!  It is very popular here, and a lot of people play on a regular basis… and some of them maybe get a little too serious… watch out!


Yup, the post is up real early tonight, as Judy and I are going out to Rancho Mirage tonight to take in the Movies!

And a big welcome out tonight to Alice, our latest blog follower of RVlifeonwheels!  Glad to have you aboard!

Till tomorrow…


  1. That is a lot of snow! We went up Mt Jacinto last year in March and it was freezing and lots of snow. Couldn't wait to get down.

  2. As long as that snow stays up in the mountains, I have no problem at as it looks pretty nice.

    Have fun at the movies.

  3. So far we only got a total of maybe 5 inches of snow this winter compared to our norm of 24 inches by this time. Glad your storing it for us and feel free to keep it as long as you like.

    It's about time.

  4. You had me going there for a minute! Glad it stayed up in the mountains where the snow is supposed to be!!

    P.S. Have you looked at the new word verification format? Not good!!

  5. I would guess that it's almost one year ago that a similar snow storm hit the same mountains. We were at the Sands RV Resort when it got quite cold...and the mountains around changed from dark to white.

  6. as long as the snow stays on the mountains that is good thing!..hope you enjoyed the movie!!!

  7. hey, the word verification on the first try!..whoo hoo for me!