Friday, August 17, 2012


Holy Cow... who would have ever thought they would make a Festival out of Cows! That is what they do here every year in Woodstock, the Dairy Capital of the World!

The Festival started tonight, and Judy and I headed out to have dinner down at South Side Park, where all the action is taking place...Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich made my day, while Judy enjoyed Pizza from BP. (Boston Pizza for all you non pizza lovers...)

Right after we finished eating, the entertainment started... Sara Smith was the lead off act tonight, and she put on a fantastic show... she sings very similarly to Sara McLaughlin, with a raspy voice... she was excellent!

After Sara finished up a couple sets, the main act for the evening, was The Carpet Frogs! These guys are a classic rock band, and are simply excellent! Judy and I stayed for both sets they performed, and didn't get home tonight till 10:30... way past our bedtime!

It got too dark for our camera to support any type of picture, so I relied on the internet for these pics. This group is very popular, and for 2 years, even made it over to Afganistan, to support and entertain our Troups!

You know every song they play, and they play them well, to keep the audience right in the show. They also tour around and are the opening act right now for Burton Cummings.

Best part about the concert tonight is that it was FREE! Thanks Woodstock!

Tomorrow night, we are going right back down for some more. There are activities scheduled for the whole day, and tomorrow nights entertainment is "The Beagles", and another great Canadian Band, "The Stampeders!" Tom and Cheryl are going to make it over from Richmond Hill to join us for the concert!

Time for bed!

Till tomorrow...



  1. I have never heard of The Carpet Frogs! Sounds like they would be a group that we would have enjoyed.
    Hope tomorrow night is as good as tonight.

  2. Any reason for a party works for us.
    Sure do love the small town festivities, enjoy!

  3. I haven't heard of this group either but I love bands who play the oldies. And free is definitely the best.

  4. You guys sure are living the wild life hanging out with rock bands until 10:30 at night!

  5. Our daughter also entertained the troops in Afghanistan a few years back.

    Nice dairy oriented festival you attended.