Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Time to test out those new bikes!

We had given the new bikes the odd little trip here and there around the RV Park, but we had yet to really give them the test! Today was the day... it was beautiful out here, sunny, warm, just like every other day of this endless summer! We called Kristina up to see if she wanted to bike with us, as she and Gwenny have a new to them bike. The answer was "YES"...

We loaded our bikes on our Sport Rack on the Jeep, and headed into Town to meet up with the kids.

We decided to take the Millineum Trail System, that starts about 3 blocks from Chris and Kristina's house. A great trail system that follows the River Thames.

Below Judy and I take a breather right on the Thames River... yes, that is my trusty new super bike parked behind us!

We ended up biking for over 8 Klms. today! Not bad for the first time out. Gwenny hung in like a trouper, and enjoys riding along with Mom. Check out the short video of the gang below, that I reeled off with our LG Smart Phone. We are right along side Lake Pittock, and the trail is paved here. Judy and I walk here quite often.

We stopped at a picnic gazeebo below, and Gwenny just wanted to walk around! It won't be long.

Just a great morning overall, and we finished it off with a great BBQ Lunch at Kristina's place.

Took life easy this afternoon, rubbing our sore muscles and watching some Olympics!

Good luck tonight, to my cousin Fred, and his Wife, Lydia, who live in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. They are in line with huricane Ernesto, and are experiencing heavy rain. They are all set to ride out the storm, and Fred thought it might pass to the south of them a bit! Here is hoping!

Till tomorrow...


  1. the Gwenny is getting pretty darn popular in blogville!..nice to see her again today!..soon you will chasing her..I see walking in her future!!

  2. Nice little bike helmet Gwenny has. That little girl sure does get around. She's going to be a handful when she gets walking I'm sure of it.

    Nice video clip of the 'bikers'.

  3. Nice you got out to enjoy the new bikes and with great company. Gwenny looks like she is up and ready for walking.

  4. We miss riding our bikes somewhat. It was a regular "tool" that I used everyday when we lived in the Netherlands, and most times it was a better way of getting around than by car with "Fietsroutes" (bike roads) being more direct and parking for cars sometimes hard to find. Here in Vienna, it's just a wee bit too busy for this old guy. The two of us went out on a fairly quiet Sunday a couple years ago, and even that was too busy for my wife, so that was that.
    I was on the bike a fair amount the first year, but lugging it up from the basement is a bit of a hassle and I can walk most anywhere that I need to go, and if need be just get on the subway.
    Nice to see you out on yours.