Saturday, August 25, 2012

Job Completed!

Today we got all remaining items out of the old house and moved to the new house... phew, it has been a long haul. Shawn and Jenn are real good at collecting furniture, that is for sure!

Now, the final set up of the new house is all that is left, and all the un-packing. This will take some time.

After reviewing last night's blog, I came to realize that I did not have very many pictures of little Paige! I have to be fair! Judy got a real good picture of her today for me!


Paige and Emmie get along real good together, and play all the time!

Judy and I have really enjoyed being here the past few days, and getting to spend a bunch of time with the kid's, even if we are moving furniture and stuff!

After all, there is always time for the swimming pool!


Jennifer and Judy took the kid's into the pool tonight for an after dinner swim... it was a very warm day here, probably around 30 deg. c. or so.

Till tomorrow...


  1. Great photos of Paige and Emmie - and, of all the 'girls' in pool too.

  2. Yeah! Great accomplishment with the pool as a reward after a hard day. I'm sure your kids appreciated the help you offered. You had a nice reward too by spending quality time with the girls.

  3. After a hot humid day the pool is just perfect.