Thursday, August 30, 2012

Times are a changing!

Wow... what a day we had here today... up into the low 30's in temperatures, just perfect! This morning, I was doing a bunch of RV clean up, as Judy did some shopping with Kristina.

Larry and Cathy got all packed up, and headed back home this morning. It was great to see them, and we all had a blast while they were here! They invited Judy and I, to head north and spend some time with them at their home, and bring our motorcycles to make a nice fall run. I think we will!

Kristina came out and spent the afternoon at the RV, so we all headed down to the pool.
Pool temperature was 80 deg. F. so quite a bit of time was spent in the pool this afternoon!

Our park is getting all decorated up for the long weekend! There is a big Turkey Dinner to be had this Sunday night, which is an annual event at our park.

The couple above pulled in today, and are apparently camping out for the weekend! Brought some food with them!

I caught this guy feeding at Judy's hummingbird feeder this afternoon. They are still coming and are hungry! Times are changing though, and they are getting ready to take off for the winter! Did you know, most of the humming birds do migrate? They do not gather in a big flock, they head down south individually. It is safe to leave you humming bird feeder out until late fall, it helps the late leaving birds build up their strength for the big trip! A lot of them fly down to Mexico!

This morning we had a bunch of Canada Geese making practice runs over our park! They are getting ready for the big trip, just like us! Times are a changing!

Mornings here are now damp with heavy dew, and the nights are cooling off! Nice time of the year!

Till tomorrow.




  1. The Harvest Fest seems to be early for this time of year. Enjoy the festive weekend.

  2. great pics...enjoy the harvest fest...

  3. I suppose pool time may be coming to an end soon with the change of seasons. Gwenny just might go into water withdrawal!

    Have fun at the Harvest Fare - you better beat those first two to the food table.