Sunday, August 12, 2012

Canada's Wonderland... great place to spend a day!

Chris and Kristina invited Judy and I to spend the day at Canada's Wonderland today. Chris works for Dufferin Aggregates which is a division of Holcim (Canada) Inc., and they arranged an Employee and Family Day at the Park, so we all got to enjoy!

The temperatures were perfect today, and even thought we had a bit of rain on occasion today, it felt nice!


We started Gwenny off easy with the Swan ride! She just loved it... with Mom keeping the watchful eye!


They took Gwenny on this real neat Helicopter Ride that she liked as well... every year Wonderland adds new rides and attractions to the Park, to keep it fresh.

This is a classic view of Victoria Falls, coming off the man made mountain!

They have shows all day long with divers coming off the mountain... check out the short video above... fun to watch.


Gwenny had a blast doing all the rides in Planet Snoopy above... she was in an excellent mood all day! (Every day...)

In the afternoon it got nice and warm, so we took Gwenny over to the big spash pad, where she is right in her element... notice she wants to walk everywhere now...

Loves the water that one...


As I mentioned before, every year a new ride is added, and this year they added the roller coaster you see in the short clip above... you had to be there to believe this thing, and how it works... very fast, very high, I could not believe it at all, and did not go near it!

We got to enjoy a nice stage show with classic rock music at the end of the day... nice way to finish off a fun day!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Sure a fun looking place for a family day. Gwenny is sure ready in her mind to start walking. Won't be long. Enjoyed your pic's and video.

  2. Great pics and video of the park. That roller coaster ride looked pretty awesome. Gwenny looks like she'll be walking on her own before the end of August!

  3. A great place to spend the day, especially if someone else is paying for it. Glad you had a fun day.

  4. That looks like lots of fun. It's so great to see the little grandkid's eyes light up at each new adventure.