Saturday, August 4, 2012

Civic Holiday Weekend!!! Allright!

To our American readers, Civic Holiday in Ontario is basically a real good excuse to have a long weekend! Judy and I enjoyed it all the times while we were working... of course now that we are retired, every weekend is a long weekend. If you are going to have a long weekend, it might as well be in the middle of summer!

Also from last night's blog, I forgot to mention what Judy did with her bike... duhhh.... she traded it back into Canadian for another new one off the shelf that did not squeek! Perfect. Canadian Tire wanted us to be happy, and we were!

So Judy and I made the 3 hour drive north up to Sauble Beach to join our friends at the cottage for our annual trip. Here we are above in the after glow of our nice steak dinner that the men cooked tonight. I must mention this year, we miss our good friend Kieth Allen, who passed away in June of this year. Darlene, his wife is scheduled to come up and join us this weekend. Our group has been coming to the cottage now on and off for over 25 years!


In honour of the London Olympics, we are doing some cottage Olympics this year... above Gerard and Al are doing Olympic Ballerro! Look up at the very top of the picture, and you will see the ballero's in the air! What a shot!

This is the aftermath of the above shot they made... they both scored 3's! That is not an easy feat! You had to be there.

I got Gerard and Al to give a demonstration of how to shoot ballerro if you are not familiar with it! It is a bunch of fun!

Meet Tibby! In the pic above, Deb is holding Tibbly, who is the watch dog of the cottage!

This is what happens when you get thirsty, and go into the cottage for a refreshment... Tibby just takes over like he owns the place... actually I think he does!

Looking forward to a good weekend!

Oh, and Gerard tells me that Canada picked up it's first gold medal today! In the trampoline no less! Congratulation to Rosy MacLennan, Canada's newest Champion of the Trampoline!


Till tomorrow...


  1. 25 years...OUTSTANDING!
    You two crack me up...having your own Olympics. What fun.

  2. Love the Sauble beach area, a great place to get together at a cottage with old friends.

  3. Tibby looks like a ferocious watch dog. Ballero's a new one for me - never heard of it before seeing your pics.

    Good for Rosy MacLennan getting a Gold.

  4. Looks like the perfect weekend. That's great that Canadian Tire made it easy to make things right. First time I have Ballero also.