Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Just another rainy Monday...

Had to get up early this morning, to ensure I had our Jeep Liberty into the Woodstock Jeep Dealer on the east side of Dundas Street.

No, that is not our Jeep in the pic above, our's is black for one thing, I just liked the picture! Our Jeep was recalled my the Manufacturer to have the rear lower control arms replaced on the suspension. The original ones were not designed right, and accumulated debris causes them to rust and break, which can easily lead to a crash, so that was no good. Tonight we have new control arms in place, all re-designed not to rust, so all is good! The charge???? Absolutely nothing! They way it should be!

Dropped in to see Kristina and Gwenny, as it was raining too hard to do anything outside, so thought I would check out to see what they were up to!

Turns out, Judy and Kristina found a bit of time to go shopping somehow, while I was installing a new baby gate at the house, and look what they bought Gwenny! Apparenty got a good deal on it, so could not resist. The short video tells you how much Gwenny likes it!

We enjoyed happy hour tonight with a real nice couple from Victoria, B.C., who are on a cross country haul with their motorhome. They are having a ball, and stopped here to visit 2 cousins who he has never met! They are off to Niagara Falls next, and then the East Coast!

Tonight I was reading an article, where right now, 7 out of 10 tablets sold are..............iPad's of course! Seems like they have a real winner on their hands. 17 million sold in the 2nd quarter of this year! They are saying that in 18 months they will be outselling laptops! I guess so!

I have been real happy with our iPad, and now use it way more than I do my laptop... sign of the times maybe!

Till tomorrow...




  1. Happy Hour...great idea. I will go grab a drink and join you.

  2. Gwenny has the cutest smile. Fun to meet up with new folks that are traveling through.

  3. Great video...love seeing Gwenny having a good time.

  4. glad you enjoyed your happy hour!!..cheers!!

  5. Love my iPad too and use it much more than my laptop. Never thought that I would say that.

  6. You had happy hour with my old boss and his wife, Wayne & Joanne. Great couple! Small world!

  7. The iPad certainly does have a well deserved lock on the tablet market - it's pretty hard to beat it for clarity and performance.

    Great video clip of Gwenny going down the slide. She sure loves the camera!

  8. We are looking into replacing at least one lap top and the iPad figures highly as the favoured replacement.

    Neat slide. Our little Easton may just want one of those in the coming months. So much stuff for kids out there today.