Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cowapoolusa, Part Deux...

Phew, what a weekend! Never did get a chance to post yesterday, simply too busy! We attended a bunch of events of the Festival this weekend, and I have a few pictures and small videos to entertain you, and give you a flavor of Cowapoolusa!

There was a lot going on, so lets get going! It all started Saturday morning, we headed into Woodstock, to Finckle Street. They were having a Soapbox Derby. All the kids were under 14 years old, and built these buggies! They were just a flying!


They lined the street with hay bales to keep the kids safe... they were attaining speeds up to 42 Klm. per hour, based on police radar guns! Check out the short video below...

It was great fun watching the derby.... we headed to Southside Park for more events only to be welcomed by a fly over of some stunt planes!

They left a smoke trail behind them doing the fly over... all kinds of stuff happening! Tom and Cheryl wanted to watch some of the Strong Man/Women Competition! It was crazy what they were doing...

Above is a women lifing a steel log, weighing 200 lbs!!!! Good luck! The lady in the grey top, on the right front of the picture ended up winning the Womens Competition. There was about 5 events they did.


In the video above, these guys are doing the "Farmer's Walk". Each weight is 225 lbs.! So each guy is holding a total of 450 lbs. while they do this walk!

Judy bought a ticket for the Lion's Club Duck Race. We went to watch the race up a canal in the park!

You can't see it in the picture above, but a fireman is hosing them down the canal with a fire hose, as there was very little current! They did make it to the end, and a winner was declared, but it was not Judy...:-(


Gwenny got to try and milk a cow above... no, it didn't kick her! There was a competition though for milking real cows, and it was funny to watch.


This guy had real long legs..., and Gwenny got to enjoy her first pony ride, with a bit of help from Mom.

Enough said about the picture below, as we watched a bit of the Professional Wrestling Demonstration they set up... it has not changed in over 30 years! We all got a real good laugh out of it, and carried on!


It is hard to see int he picture below, but a group of four 15 year old boys, formed a group called "The Beagles", and they covered the Beatles. They were very good, and entertained the large crowd for about an hour!

The headline act for the night was "The Stampeders", a great Canadian Rock Group! It was too dark to get any good pictures of them...

Believe it or not, they have been performing for over 46 years! They had a number of hits over the years, but non bigger than their signature song, "Sweet City Women". They performed for over an hour and a half, and were simply excellent! There was probably a crowd of about 2,500 people watching in the park. The weather was perfect!

Well, we enjoyed our time at Cowapoolusa this year, and will probably go back! They weather sure helped!


Till tomorrow...


  1. What a wonderful time you two had in Cowapoolusa. So much to see and do. Never heard of a professional wrestling demo at a festival.

  2. That just looks like a ton of fun. I enjoyed reading this post and seeing the pictures.

  3. what a lovely way to spend the weekend!!...looks like you all, Gwenny included, had a great time!!

  4. That day had a little bit of everything in and for everyone too.

    Lots of muscle on display there but I think I would have gone with Judy for the duck race!

    Gwenny's sure had a great summer!

  5. Hey, I remember 'The Stampeders' and their famous song, 'Sweet, Sweet, Sweet City Woman'.

    Gwenny...and her family had a great time too.

  6. Thanks again guys. Had a blast!!

  7. Wow , what a great day !!

    I used to listen to The Stampeders all the time. They would come to Regina quite often. Some of my favorites are "Wild Eyes" "Devil You" and of course "Hit the Road Jack"

    Ahhhh ..... Thanks for the memories !!!