Monday, August 20, 2012

Catch up day, and sad to hear....

Not a lot on the go today... we are going to be going over to Ottawa later this week, so spent the day getting ready.
One thing was getting the Jeep ready. Every 5,000 Klms. I faithfully get my oil changed and Jeep serviced. Today I took it into the local Jiffy Lube... I have been there a couple times now and like their service.
Here is what I like about them... they tell you when you arrive, how long it will take to service your vehicle, and they stick to it! Yes, they are interested in doing lots of different things to your car by selling you their services. What they do, is service your vehicle first, meaning doing the oil change, and then they call you out and go over your vehicle report with you. They check just about everything there is to check. Belts, fluids, oils, you name it, they check them all. They also have access to the service records for your vehicle from the manufacturer, and will recomend services that may be requred. I believe in good maintenance on our vehicles, and try to keep it up to day. The only recomendations they had today, was a new air filter and a pcv valve replacement on our. I declined the service, and simply headed over to Canadian Tire, picking up the required parts, and replacing them myself... I find it to be cheaper, and we are on a fixed income you know!

This Company actually seems to care about your vehicle, and how they treat you, so that is why I go back to them for service.

Ended up running a whole bunch of errands today, just cleaning up loose ends... eg. doing banking.

Judy spent some time cleaning up and weeding the garden on our lot at the RV.


In the news tonight, sad to hear about the passing of Phillis Diller, at the young age of 95! She was a great entertainer, and I remember years ago watching her on TV with Bob Hope... Real funny Lady, that always made fun of herself!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Wholeheartedly agree with your point about proper maintenance of vehicles.

    Phyllis Diller lived a good, long life. She was a funny lady.

  2. nothing wrong with proper maintenance of a vehicle but we have those places here in BC and the $29.95 oil change can get kind of pricey if you add all the 'upselling' that they try and convince you is necessary!
    sad about Phyllis Diller..hard to believe she was 95!

  3. Phillis Diller was the best. She could get just about anyone laughing.

  4. Yes, it was sad to hear of the passing of Phyllis Diller - she was one of a kind.

  5. Phyllis Diller, to me, was everything Joan Rivers isn't - funny!

    Nice to see you keeping your Jeep all "spiffy and jiffy".

  6. I guess the news of Phyllis Diller didn't make it's way over here just yet. She had a good long run. A little poignant to hear of her passing just the same.
    I've used the "in and out" style of lube joints before. I make sure to keep a close eye on them, even though their intentions may be good. Don't need some kid forgetting to tighten an oil pan plug. Or worse yet, cross threading it.

  7. Yes so sad about Phyllis Diller passing but she did have a good long life and such great comedien.
    Vehicle maintenance is a real must in my books too. Treat them good and they will be there when you need them.