Thursday, August 16, 2012

More Olympic Sports...

This morning, turned out to be really nice, and it was supposed to reach over 28 deg. C. today, so we decided to head down to Pittock Lake, and do some Olympic Kayaking...

It only takes about 10 minutes to inflate one of these bad boys!

Now, if only I had a 15 HP Merc to strap on the back! Arggg.... Arggggg...

Judy was just a blazing away from me... it was a beautiful day on the lake.

The short video below highlights Judy's skill on the water...


We tripped up to the dam, that forms Pittock Lake... about a 40 foot drop on the other side of this thing.

Wildlife was abundant out on the lake...

This afternoon, Judy got into RV cleaning, and laundry, so I high tailed it outside, to do some maintenance on our Motorcycle Trailer... back 3 years ago now, when I retired, I purchased these new tires and alloy wheels for the trailer, to haul it down to Az. Next week, we are going to take the trailer up to Ottawa, as Shawn and Jenn and the kids, have to move houses. The people are selling the rental house they are in now, and they have arranged a new rental, so it is moving time. We will only be moving lighter stuff, as movers will do the heavy lifting! Yeah!

So, before heading to Ottawa, and then in Nov we will be off to Florida with the trailer, I wanted to make sure it was greased properly on the wheel bearings.

Now this is kind of a guy thing in the blog tonight, but we all get our turns. The trailer has a great device on each wheel called a "Bearing Buddy"... You take the wheel off, then put the grease gun right on the very end of the shaft you see below, and start squeezing... the bearing buddy holds grease and is spring loaded to ensure you bearing does not go dry! Great device... argg argggg....

Gwenny and her Mom and Dad, came out for a swim this afternoon, and brought dinner with them! Perfect! Gwenny got kind of messed up at dinner, so off to the bathtub in a shower! She loves her bath time!

Must shout out to "Josh" tonight, our latest blog follower! Josh lives right here in Woodstock!


Till tomorrow...



  1. Pittock Lake is a nice place to play on the water and very close to you guys. Have been there a few times, many years ago thou.
    Very nice to have company, especially ones that bring dinner!

  2. Family who bring dinner are the best! Tried to convince Tracy that we need Kayaks but didn't have much luck. Looks like fun to me.

  3. you could catch Judy!..she wasn't going that fast..she has good technique though!!

  4. Oh wow, I'd love to try out those kayaks! My husband and I really wanted a durable two-person raft for some of our lake adventures but they aren't cheap so it never happened. Maybe someday!

  5. Those kayaks look pretty neat. Judy looks like a real pro out there.

    Good job on getting the bearings greased - a very important job that many people just don't bother with.

    Gwenny is sure a water baby.

  6. We also enjoy of Sea Eagle kayak but we have not had it out on the water since our last journeys on the Colorado River.

    Nice work to keeping the hubs greased. Good luck with the move!