Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Social Butterfly!

This week Judy and I have been on the run constantly! It has been fun. With Cathy and Larry visiting us, we have been busy, and of course we just got home from the Ottawa Gang!

Today, we were off golfing at Woodstock Meadows with Dale and Al. Every year we meet up with them at Deb and Gerard's cottage up at Sauble Beach if you remember! We arranged this golf date quite a while ago, and did the weather ever co-operate for us today! It was beautiful. We teed off around 11:00 and decided to take life easy and used power carts today!

Al was explaining and demonstrating proper form on the tee for us...
I told Al, I was going to "grip it and rip it" so he had his eye on the ball!

Judy was our camera person this afternoon, as we wrap our game up below...

After golf, we headed over to Al and Dale's place in Ayr, where they provided a great BBQ dinner for us! Gonna have to go on a diet soon I think! They have a real nice pool in the back, and while Al was cooking, I did a bit of pool cleaning! Had some floating crickets in it!
Great day overall, good golf, good food, good friends.

Till tomorrow...



  1. You should have been in the pool John. It looks like a beauty.

  2. for being retired you sure are 'busy'!!..the pool sure looks inviting!!

  3. Just another fun day always fun to hang out with friends.

  4. Great looking golf course and swimming pool. Beautiful looking day out there in Ontario.

  5. Your summed it up pretty well; "Great day overall, good golf, good food, good friends."

    Hard to beat a day like that!