Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Willow Lake Park Hogs hit the Road!

It was time for us Willow Lake Park Hogs to hit the leather and the road today. We decided last night with Larry and Cathy to go for a bike ride. They brought their motorcycles along with them, so we were all set to ride. Just needed a route to follow. That is where the iPad comes in! It is great for showing you the "big picture" with the Maps App.

Decided to head out to Paris first, as it is always a great place to stop.

Larry and I are discussing the fine points of motorcycles, while Cathy watches on... seems like she may just glow in the dark to me! Headed off to Port Dover, making our own Friday 13th! Turned out to be a great day for a bike run!


Lucky for us, it was not Friday the 13th, so traffic was normal. If you remember, 200,000 people showed up in this little Town for the last Friday the 13th rally. We were able to park on the main street! We walked down to the waterfront area, and enjoyed lunch in an open air restaurant... great spot...no pictures though.

After lunch we made the terrific drive over to Long Point, which is a great day use beach area on Lake Erie.

Now the only problem with visiting a beach while out on the motorcycles, is your in the wrong cloths for the beach! Oh well...
Cathy wanted a pic of Judy and I for the blog, as she says there are very few of them... so here you go!

It was beautiful down on the beach, with quite a few people there to enjoy it. We spent 20 minutes sitting and talking...
After we were done at Long Point, we B lined it for Woodstock, making it home at 4:30 just in time for a great BBQ dinner, and refreshments! Great way to spend the day!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Sounded like a fun ride. Sure some beautiful beach area you have there. Enjoyed the pic's and glad that you had a good time.

  2. I have to agree...you were a bit overdressed for the beach.

  3. great day for a ride!!!..and that is the one thing about riding?..the clothes you wear for riding are usually not suitable for where you are stopping!..that is one bright jacket that Cathy has!..good for her..

  4. That's a great picture of Judy and you on the beach - a real keeper.

    Nice looking day for a bike ride.

  5. Just love that area of Pot Dover and camping at Long Point, we used to go several times a year. Too expensive and now some restrictions on big rigs.

  6. Great photos to remember a fantastic motorcycle ride. The trade off for wearing non-beach clothing is rewarded with the nice ride though.