Monday, August 27, 2012

Hurry up and relax!

After the last few days in Ottawa on the go, go, go, we simply took life easy today, sleeping in this morning to catch up on a few zzzzzz's.

This morning we headed into see Kristina and Gwenny, to deliver a truck load of kid's cloths that Shawn and Jenn had packed for Gwenny. Kristina said it was like Christmas all over again, as she started to sort through the piles of clothing... should keep Gwenny going for a while.

Gwenny is checking out a pair of running shoes, while modeling a new hat from the Ottawa gang! A wooden rocking horse that the kid's had was passed along to Gwenny, and she instantly fell in love with it!

It was raining most of today, so this afternoon we caught up on lots of RV work and laundry that has been building up.

Yesterday, I forgot to tell you why I really liked blogs, and blogging. Here is why. Cathy and Larry, who have joined us at the camp this week, have been following our blog for the past 3 years as silent readers, you know the ones. They love to read, but you don't really hear from them. We had only met them the one time at the KOA up in Gravenhurst. It was great to hear from them again, a couple of weeks ago, and even better to have them come to visit. Blogging has lead to the meeting of many great people.

They invited us over this afternoon to enjoy dinner with them tonight. Turns out today was Larry's Birthday!

We sat outside before dinner, enjoying a nice afternoon, that cleared up a bit as it went along.

Cathy and Larry recently bought a new Fleetwood Bounder RV, and are planning a trip down to the south west this winter. It is a real beauty!

This Bounder has it all, great floor layout, outside entertainment system, fireplace, and many other extras.

Behind the RV, you see their new trailer for hauling around the two motorcycles they have with them for this trip. Tomorrow we are all heading off into the wild blue yonder on the bikes! I think we are going to cause havoc in Oxford County tomorrow!


When it is your birthday, you have to have cake, so Cathy baked up these great cupcakes today for us to enjoy with dinner! Yum!

Till tomorrow...


  1. the world of blogging does create a whole new collection of friends..some you meet and some you don't!..Happy birthday to Larry!!..nice rig they have..what size is it?

  2. Can't wait to meet fellow bloggers, great post!

  3. First and Foremost Happy Birthday to Larry.

    Meeting fellow RV bloggers is always fun. Sometimes you have to plan it and other times it just happens. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. We recycle just about every piece of clothing we can also. Great idea.

    I was wondering about the title of yesterday's blog, but I just thought I missed some hidden meaning. We of the greatest things about this type of lifestyle is making great friends and meeting up with all along the trail.

  5. We have the same reasons for loving to Blog. Such a large extended family that we can keep up with. And maybe even get together on occasion too.
    The problem with retirement is we never get a day off, so we have to make a point of it.