Thursday, August 2, 2012

Back to London today...

Kristina had to go and visit an eye specialist today over in London, so I tagged along with her, as sometimes they do strange things to your eyes, and then you can't drive! As it turns out, it was a good thing I did go, as they put drops in her eyes and she had trouble with blurred vision, and they told her she could not drive home. Good news was, all was good with her eyes!

We made it home by lunch time, with Judy and Gwenny just having a heck of a time without us. Judy took Gwenny downtown to do some shopping. The Zellers store here in Woodstock is going to close soon, so they stopped by to check it out.

They have one of those nice Family Restaurants inside our Zellers, and as you can tell below, Gwenny was torn between ordering the Cheeseburger Deluxe, Filet Mignon, or the Fish and Chips! What a decision when you are only 1.

Judy reports she had trouble selecting, and decided to have a Gwenny cookie while she was deciding...

This afternoon, Kristina and Judy headed back downtown to have pedicures done! What a life! We are all going to travel this Civic Holiday Long Weekend, so they wanted the toes to be ready!

As they were off doing that, I was charged with being the care taker of Gwenny for the afternoon! After lunch, she goes down for an afternoon sleep, so I had to know how to use the Gwenny monitor!

I soon caught on to how babysitting works in this modern world, as I had the baby monitor set up, the TV remotes close at hand, the Olympics on... and the iPad to take pictures when required! Babysitting is easy! Judy and Kristina got home at 4:00 p.m. and Gwenny was still sleeping! How good am I at babysitting! Perfect!

This weekend Judy and I are off to spend the long weekend up in Sauble Beach with a bunch of good friends at Deb and Gerards cottage! We do this every year. Can't wait!

Quite a few comments from last night's blog about making sure the new bicycles are tied on tight behind the motorhome! Not to worry folks, they will not be mounted up on the motorhome. Other plans are in the works for that!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Oh my, just love the photo of Gwenny reading the menu - priceless!

  2. I sure hope Gwenny ordered the most expensive thing on the menu and put it on Grandpa's Visa - with a big tip too! What a great picture that was - a real keeper.

    I really like your babysitting style - all the necessities of life close by.

  3. Glad Kristina's eye appointment went well. Sure a Great picture of Gwenny with the menu. John you have the baby sitting down pat and are well equipped for the job. Have a Great Friday!