Thursday, August 23, 2012

Let the fun begin...

After enjoying breakfast with the kids, it was soon time to start up work! Lots to do.

Started off by starting up the Toro, and giving the back yard a trim, and moved all the patio furniture and what not, out front of the house for loading tomorrow...

Around noon, I started into loading up the trailer with a load of house contents... above is a nice empty trailer! Soon to be full! Of course, this trailer is the summer and winter home fro both our motorcycles, but converted into house moving mode for this weekend.

Here we are about 1/2 way loaded up on the trailer... took me long to do than I had figured, but I took my time loading, taking advantage of every square inch of trailer space.


And just took this last picture of the full trailer, I had to give the ramp door a big squeeze to get it to close, and then snapped on the two padlocks to keep it secure. This trailer is 5 feet wide, by 12 feet long, and is about 7 feet tall, and the best part is, it don't leak! We are expecting some rain here tonight, but tomorrow is supposed to be real nice again!


Judy spent some time playing with the girls today, having a ball. Kristina and Judy bought them some sticker books, and crayon books, so they are always a big hit!

Emmie is quickly becoming an artist, really improving her colouring skills!


Well, that was about all the excitement for today... tomorrow is the big moving day! Will start off by taking the Jeep and trailer over to the new house, about 30 minutes away, and start unloading!

Till tomorrow...(ohhhh.... my aching muscles...)


  1. Hope it is a beautiful day for moving. Wishing the best of luck in the new house.

  2. I noticed one of the first, and most important, items loaded into your skookum looking trailer was a 42" Samsung TV. Glad to see you and Shawn have your priorities right.

    Emmie and Paige sure seem happy with their coloring and sticker books. Terrific job on the painting you did, Emmie!!

  3. nice work on packing the trailer!! are hired!!

  4. Wow, what an amazing packing job - if anyone asks you if "this one last thing" will fit we all know the answer is most definitely, "NO!"

    Emmie, you're picture is lovely!

    Xo, Tata

  5. Nice that you have it all tightly packed, now the easy part? Unpacking.