Monday, August 13, 2012

Olympic hangover?

Well, is anyone out there suffering an Olympic Hangover??? I did watch the Olympic Closing Ceremonies when we got home last night, only because I had PVR'd them. They were good, however I am sure they were very expensive...

They had all the regular fireworks and all kinds of things going off, and even....

managed to get the Spice Girls of all things, to re-unite for the big show. Overall, I felt London did a great job putting on the Olympics, and should feel proud. Our Athletes put on a great show, coming in 13th overall, for a Country with a very small population.

I got a charge out of reading Rick's blog today... He posted a real good blog on what should NOT be an Olympic Sport, and I think he might have hit the nail on the head on a few of those for sure. Hope the Olympic Committee can decide on changes for the future, as I can hardly take the pressure of watching "Ping Pong" anymore!

Inspired by the Olympics, Judy and I packed up the bicycles on the back of the Jeep and decided to head to London for our own Olympic Bike run! London, Ont. of course...


London is a very progressive City, and has amazing bike trails. We entered the system on the Terry Fox Trail, on the west side of London, and biked downtown in about 45 minutes. About 10 klicks. Check out one of the many bridges above, that London built to get across the Thames River.

The Thames River is quite wide along the trail, it is nice to be able to bike along the shore line.


People walk, bike, rollerblade, wheel chair, to move along this trial... nice part is no cars!

Above is a very popular spot, called the Fork. They have a big mad made fountain going, right where the Thames forks into two.


Above is another special built bridge at the Fork, for the trail system.


This guy above, was keeping an eye on us as we biked by...We biked maybe close to 20 K today, and really enjoyed it. Amazing how many people use this trail system. Got home just in time for supper!


This morning, I spent about an hour putting together a new fireplace for our RV. It is not a real one of course, but it is an electric heater in disquise. Has a nice phony flame that flickers the night away, and you can turn the heat on if it cools down...should come in handy this winter!

Till tomorrow...


  1. $14.2 Billion to host the Olympics in London seems like a huge cost but I`m certain that the net benefit to business and tourism far outweighs the cost. London got to put on a good show for all of the world to see.

    That you and Judy got out and about in your own London was nice. I enjoyed the photos.

    I hope that fireplace does keep your warm while in Florida this winter.

  2. I have gained a whole new respect for England. I think they did a great job, and that city is lovely!

    The fireplace looks so nice and welcoming. Good luck with it.

  3. nice new addition to your RV!..I am sure that will be nice and cozy on those cold winter nights!!
    as for the Olympics?..we didn't watch too much of them, since we were away..only caught a few events and the closing ceremonies wasn't one of them.

  4. Nice bike trails. Sounds like here in Eugene. We have miles of paved bike trails that follow the Willamette River. They get lots of use.

  5. Another wonderful day and fun enjoying the bike trails.

  6. A Gold Medal to you and Judy for taking us on a nice bike ride in London.

    Thanks for the mention, I'm sure the Olympic Committee is now hard at work studying my recommendations (ya, right)!

    Love that new fireplace - adds a comfy, cozy feeling.

  7. You guys are making good use of those bikes. Sure is nice to have such beautiful places to ride. Nice fireplace...where is the bearskin rug?

  8. The Thames is gorgeous! I like those "fireplace" heaters too. We actually thought about getting one at one point but already had a nice space heater so decided against it. It looks lovely in yours though!