Wednesday, August 1, 2012

All gassed up and ready to go...

We had a very busy day yesterday, up to Orillia and back to visit Mom... we all enjoyed the trip! We got a free Jeep wash a couple of times, as we hit driving rain just north of Toronto on Hwy. 400!


Mom is turning a young 89 years in a couple of days, so we had a big celebration to enjoy!

It was such a nice afternoon, we decided to head down to Couchiching Park which is the main waterfront park in Orillia on Lake Couchiching. They just built a nice new kid's playground, so Gwenny had a ball.


Gwenny loved the slide. These new playgrounds all come with the fancy cork matts on the ground for soft landings!


This crazy couch and table swung back and forth... they had some neat new ideas in this park.


It seemed everything swung and swayed... kids all seemed to love it... even the big ones!

Gwenny loved this handle above, that you turned and all the gears turned with it!

Mom's restaurant of choice is Swiss Chalet, so off we went! We enjoyed and great chicken dinner, and some cake afterwards, that Gweeny really got into! Mom had a great time, as we all did, then we headed in some more rain, back to Woodstock! Happy Birthday Mom! (Thursday).


Some readers of this blog from a couple years ago, would remember a drive we took into Borego Springs, and we had my bicycle fall off the back of the RV from the bike rack, and end up going under the Jeep! Yes, it was ugly and something I don't really like to remember.

Today, we got back into the bicycle game again, with the purchase of two new CCM bicycles from Canadian Tire in Woodstock. Great machines, with all the new suspension on front and rear of the bike! These were $300 bikes, and CTC had them on for 50% off! Great ready for some new bike adventures!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Glad you had a nice visit with your Mom. Sounded like a delicious meal at Swiss Chalet, I love their dipping sauce. Sure some cute pictures of Gwenny. What a good deal on those bikes, enjoy.

  2. Mom looks wonderful! Hope I get around that well when I am 89 years young.

  3. Your Mom looks awesome for 89! Heck, she looks awesome for 59!

    Gwenny always looks awesome!

    I guess you'll be strapping those bikes down well on the back of the rig!

  4. A great visit with mom is always enjoyed, she is looking good too.
    Nice new bikes, keep them tied down tight.