Friday, August 24, 2012

Welcome to Stittsville, Ontario!

Shawn and Jenn and Family have moved to the Suburb of Ottawa, known as Stittsville! It is a bedroom community and is about a 1/2 hour drive downtown Ottawa from here. It is also, right beside Scotiabank Place, which is home to the NHL Ottawa Senators.

At 8:00 this morning, I made the trip with the Jeep and Trailer, met up with Shawn and Brodie at the new house, and unloaded the trailer. The movers started over at the old house.


Below is a picture of the new home in Stittsville, which is 3,100 square feet. It is actually a bit smaller than the old home, which was 3,700 sq. feet. (monster...)

All that is needed to be said, is, we got most of the stuff moved, except for a bit of stuff left in the garage that Shawn and I will get tomorrow with my trailer. After we got all unloaded, with the house still in a big mess, Shawn and Jenn treated us all to a nice pizza and wings dinner. Then the kids were all pumped up to go out back and try the nice swimming pool that comes with this house! Why not! Emmie is all set to go in below...

Dr. Shawn was the adult that volunteered to jump in the pool with the kids, although his good friend Brodie joined soon after... the water, it was 75 Deg. but felt warm.
Check out the video I took below of Emmie, it is only 10 seconds long, and Emmie just learned how to jump into the pool! They had a blast!

Nice way to end a very busy moving day! Still more to do tomorrow...

Till tomorrow...


  1. Please pass on our CONGRATULATIONs and well wishes for their new home!

  2. Sure the pool will be well enjoyed by the girls. Beautiful home, looks perfect for the family. Have a Great Weekend!

  3. Good job on getting the move completed. The pool was a welcome reward following the work. It sure looks like a nice home and being so close to the Senators' arena could be a bonus too.

  4. Nice to ba able to enjoy the pool after a hard days work. Looks like the perfect house.

  5. Great looking new home and that pool will be a real hit with the girls!

    Congrats on the moving job - what a lot of hard work.