Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another great day in Ottawa...

The weather here in Ottawa has been fantastic since we have been here... lots of sun and warm! This evening, as I do up the blog there is some rain falling, but they need it here real bad!

This morning, we all relaxed and took life easy. Shawn and Jenn bought a new desk at Staples, so Shawn and I moved it down into the office and got it all set up. Next was some grass trimming and some wiper snipping to keep the house looking good!

I got Emmie to give me a few lessons on the iPad 3 for a while this afternoon!


I had downloaded an interactive Mickey Mouse Program onto the iPad, and she was showing me how to use it! She is only 4, but she knows her iPad's!

Shawn has let me try out a fancy wireless keyboard for the iPad that he has, it is a bluetooth operated little device, and works great!

It is very easy to sync with your iPad, and is full size, so you can very easily 10 finger type on it, which is what I learned to do in Grade 9! I just didn't sit there like a bump on the log in School...

Jenn went searching on the internet this morning and found some pictures of Shawn at the CHEO Picnic from yesterday...


These pictures were taken off the 1310 News Website, and show The Governor General, David Johnston, and his Wife Sharon Johnston, getting their Teddy Bear checked at the BASH Tent at Rideau Hall.

If you go to the Governor General's web site, at you will see one of the above pictures of the group on the first page! We now have a Celebrity Dr. in the Family! The Governor General, in his former career, of President of Waterloo University, also signed both Shawn's and Jenn's graduation diplomas from Waterloo!

This afternoon, we all jumped in the van and headed out to the Movies!

The kid's wanted to see the new Movie, Brave which was just released yesterday. We even got to see it in 3D no less! This is one of the first of the new movies Judy and I have watched in 3D, and we both loved it! They have made major improvements in 3D, that is for sure! It was a great movie, that we all enjoyed, and just as we were leaving out the door, Emmie said to Judy and I that she wanted to go back and see it again! Must have been good.

Back to the house to enjoy and nice BBQ'd steak dinner tonight!

Till tomorrow...



  1. I am just an inch or so closer to getting an IPad..have a mac prob book now and love it...are you loving the IPad 3? Can you seem to do everything on it that you can do on your laptop?

  2. I still love my Mac Book pro and think thats all I need. Remember the I pad is an Apple product and they are amazing!
    So nice that you are having fun with family in Ottawa.

  3. a celebrity doctor in the family!..congrats!..such a proud moment!

  4. What a hoot....your granddaughter teaching you. Hope you were a good student.

  5. I guess I should have consulted Emmie before I tried this embedded caption thing!

    Good to see Dr. Shawn getting some face time with the Guv! Sure hope he fixed the Guv's Teddy Bear or he could be headed for the dungeon.

  6. Nice blog featuring Shawn with the Governor General. I think Emmie taking you through the operation of an iPad is gold! The photo is a keeper!