Monday, June 18, 2012

Leave Mother Nature be!!!

I kind of learned a lesson today...don't mess with Mother Nature! I was cutting the lawn at the Kid's house, and when Judy and I returned home, this is what we found!

This baby bird was on the lawn, right beside the RV. He was in distress, and no Mother seemed to be in sight, and he was crying like a baby! We didn't know what to do...

After a bit,Mom showed up, and we quickly determined we were dealing with a baby Baltimore Oriole! He has fuss on his head and could not fly! His Mother did not seem to know what to do about her baby on the ground!

The bird was right in front of the cabin right beside our RV, and Judy saw a nest right above the front door, so I put on a pair of nitrate gloves and picked him up and returned him to the nest!

We watched the action from the RV, hoping Mom would find baby... Mom showed up having to fight off another bird, and in less than 5 minutes, baby bird was back on the ground! Oh dear...

Well, there is a happy ending, as Mom soon started feeding baby on the ground! Perfect! Mom soon had baby 4 feet up in a nearby cedar tree, and fed little bird all afternoon! We can hear the baby chirping from our RV...don't ya just love happy endings!

This afternoon, even in our extreme heat, I ended up waxing our motorcycle trailer...

This is a fully enclosed 12 X 6 trailer that carries both our bikes, and room for a bunch of other stuff.


I usually wax it once a year, and it keeps nice and shinny!

have to sneak in a pic of Gwenny and her new bike she tried out today...


She needs to grow a bit, but she will get there!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Love the picture of the mama feeding her baby. Glad Mom was able to help little one get to some safety. And Gwenny is growing so fast. It won't take long before she's tearing around on her bike.

  2. Glad to see the baby bird made it and the Mother is looking after her.

    Hard to believe Gwenny is already sitting on a little bike. What next? Give me the car keys, Grandpa??

  3. Yeah! She's wearing one of the outfit I got for her! So cute! Give us some Sun, we only have rain & clouds in Paris :(

  4. Nice ending to the bird story. And good to get that trailer all shined up.

  5. Nice touch with helping out a bird in distress. It did work out for the best.

    Trailer looks really shiny. Nice!

    Gwenny on a bike? Where's the motor grandpa?

  6. Oh how cute. Love the photo of mom feeding baby. So glad you could put the little back to bed. Good job!

  7. so glad you were there to help baby bird before a bigger animal got the dear little defenseless thing! Gwenny is sure growing what a cutie...