Saturday, June 16, 2012

Where we're you when....

So if you consider yourself a "Babyboomer" like myself, you have lived through a whole bunch of history... And a lot of that history simply played itself out on our televisions...

I know where I was the day in 1963 when John, Paul, Ringo, and George took the stage on The Ed Sillivan show... Watching the show with my Dad in City of Two Mountains, just west of Montreal. Dad thought they were crazy, and I thought they were cool! They sure changed the music scene after that show! They sang "I want to hold your hand" Dad ended up liking their music. Feb. 9, 1963, 73 million viewers, a record! History in the making!

By the time Neil Armstrong put his big foot on the moon, we had moved to Orillia, Ontario, and I remember being glued to the TV to watch... I could not believe they were there! this had to be history! Watched with Mom and Dad if I remember right. July 21, 1969, One small step...

A little out of order here, but I remember being in my Grade 6 class in Two Mountains, when our Teacher told us that President Kennedy had been shot! I remember that it was very serious, and more history being made... November 22, 1963.

Being a big hockey fan, I very well remember being on night shift, as a press operator, at Percision Rubber Products in Orillia when Paul Henderson scored the biggest goal in hockey, allowing Canada to beat the hated Russians in the big series. We listened to it on radio...what a thrill it was! This had to be history! 1972 Summit Series.

When the Challenger accident happened... I remember watching the news cast, as I did not watch the launch live. Precision Rubber made the "O Seals" used by the shuttle... We did not know as employees which seal went to NASA. Dr. Shawn (he was very young then, but he remembers...)and I went to Cape Canaveral to watch a Shuttle launch, and I will never forget that day! More history being made. Jan. 28, 1986.

911 was sure a big one! I was at work, as a Bank Manager with The Scotia Bank, eating birthday cake the girls had brought in, as it was my birthday, when we heard on the radio that a plane had hit the World Trade Centre Building! How could this be? We had a TV in the Branch and I watched the second plane hit, and could not believe I saw history being made! Sept. 11, 2001.


All this of course leads to last night... I was watching history being made again, with Nik Wallenda walking a wire across Niagara Falls! Can you believe it! It was fun to watch... I kind of love this stuff... I cannot see anyone doing this again very soonI June 15, 2012.

So where we're you when some of these events happened? We're you watching on TV? These events are just a few examples that I remember very clear... Maybe you remember different ones???

After all, when history is being made now, it is at least in High Defination!

Wonder what is next?

Till tomorrow...


  1. I remember being in gym class when our principal came over the loud speaker and told us about President Kennedy.

    I remember teaching school and my daughter coming in my class crying. Her teacher had just told them the Challenger blew up.

    I remember being at Kent State University when four people got shot. My friend and I jumped in the car and drove back to Canton.

    I remember the shooting at Virginia Tech. My daughter was there.

    Too many sad memories. I like to remember when we got married, when the girls were born, my mom and dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary, etc.

    Thanks for the memories.

  2. lots of pieces of history that changed lives forever!..hate to say that I remember them all..does that make an old 'geezer' or just a baby boomer?

  3. I still remember every one of those events quite well, John.

    The first Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan show was a really big deal and we had a houseful over to watch that.

    I was at work when I heard about the JFK assassination and home retired for September 11th.

    I took the morning off work to stay home and watch game 7 of the Canada vs Russia game - what a thrill that was.

    I forgot all about the Niagara Falls daredevil thing last night so I missed that.

  4. All those little bits of history and we we were there to see it happening in real time. Some special memories for sure, Thanks for reliving them for us.

  5. Saw all of them except for the Beatles. Didn't have a TV just yet.
    We were sent home from school when Kennedy was shot, and my wife called me from Horseheads N.Y. and told me to turn on the TV when the towers came down.
    I think I'd sooner try and remember the fun things.
    Was in grade nine for the Canada/Russia hockey series. All the TVs were on. No work was done that's for sure. Our principal was a bit of a sports fan, so I suppose that helped.
    Watched the daredevil on the internet. He didn't seem to hesitate. Truly amazing.
    That lead to a whole history lesson about the "Flying Walendas". Quite the family.