Monday, June 4, 2012

There is a limit to iPad 3!

If you check the blog post below this one, you will see a very feeble attempt to post my blog from our iPad 3.  I found a blogger app in the App Store, however it is next to useless!  You cannot manipulate any of your photos in any way, (check out the terrible picture of Judy and Gwenny, it only posted part of it) and cannot even tell where they are going to post!  It ended up posting the picture after all the text was in place, even though I tried to place the picture at the top of the text…   Of course there is no Windows Live Writer App available for the iPad, so we will just have to suffer until someone comes up with a better app that Apple will permit to be used! 

So, other then playing with the iPad, and with Gwenny, and doing a bit of shopping with Kristina this afternoon, it was a bit of a down day…  at least there is some hockey tonight!  L.A. looks like a shoe in to win the Cup this year… time will tell.

More work to come… Kristina starts a new project tomorrow… painting the Dining Room!  Will head into Town and give her a hand.  Judy has be contracted to be the babysitter!

Welcome to Bee and to Antonio Resende, who are our latest blog followers!  Good to have you all aboard!

Till tomorrow…


  1. there is nothing (in my books) more frustrating than computer issues...I have a mac and love it but wish it allowed live writer...Gwenny is so growing and what a dolly she is..

  2. Haven't tried that yet ~ think I'll stick with my computer... Have fun

  3. Hey John, don’t give up on the iPad so easily. I’ve heard great things about an app called Blogsy. It’s supposed to be very easy to get photos aligned and size just right. It might break your bank at a cost of $4.99 though.

  4. I've used Blogpress with no problems, but I can't "manipulate" the photos. It's fairly simple and straightforward. I'm going to check out Rick's recommendation of Blogsy.

  5. I'm with Rick regarding Blogsy. Best blogging app for iPad by a long shot and updated regularly with fantastic customer support and video tutorials as well. Use it all the time.

  6. Being a Mac user I have never used anything other than the blogger dashboard and works fine for me.

  7. Olá Bom Dia
    Muito obrigado pelas Boas Vindas.
    O meu abraço desde Portugal.
    António Resende

  8. iPad3! I don't have one but I have been looking into them. Sticking with the 10.5" Acer notebook while RVing. It is small, effective and it has not let us down once in the past three years.

  9. I can't get used to using my new Mac since I've been a PC user for 25 years.