Friday, June 22, 2012

Mount Cascades Water Park!

It was a beautiful day here in Ottawa, and I received an early morning call from Dr. Hollinger, who had been working at the Children's Hospital for the past 24 hours. Lucky for him, he had a good night with all the babies behaving themselves, and he suggested we all pack up and head to the water park for the day! What a great idea!


Mount Cascades Park is a great spot, across the River from Ottawa in Quebec...

Lots of pools and slides to keep all amused!

It sure did not take long for Emmie and Paige to get in on all the action...

even Judy was acting young again...

We were able to rent our own private gazebo that we used to base our visit out of!

Paige has no fear on the slides...

Shawn and Emmie are standing under that big barrel, that kept spilling it's load...what a shower!

After we left the Park, we headed for Downtown Ottawa for Dinner out. Above is the tour boat along the Rideau Canal...

You always need a horse drawn carriage!

They had Ribfest going down on Bank St., and it was busy...we found a great Family Restaurant to enjoy.

The National Remembrance Monument...


Parliament Hill of course...

We had a heck of a day, and everyone is starting to slow down...

Welcome tonight to Michelle, our latest blog follower!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Wait...I am getting confused. I thought you two were retired. Now is John working again?

    What a wonderful day! Judy you crack me up. I would never go down that high slide!

    Downtown Ottawa looks so lovely. Glad you spent the day making so many delightful memories.

  2. Looks like Judy has that slide technique down pat - just like the granddaughters!

    Ottawa looks like a fun place - too bad it's full of all those crummy politicians.

    Another beautiful hot day - I'm getting jealous!

  3. Gotta love those hot days at the water park, looks like y'all had a great time.

  4. Nice day out with the family. Judy is clearly an experienced water slider. Sure seems like it was great fun.

    To end the day with a nice dinner out simply cannot be beat.