Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Work continues in a major rain storm!

Started off this morning great weather wise… but it got damp by the end of the day… well OK, so we had a major thunder storm system come through around 4:00 this afternoon!  We had hail and major rain… flash floods everywhere!  Must be in Ontario!

Kristina and I continued work on the dining room… got all the priming done today!  Yeah!  Finish coats tomorrow and put this baby to bed!



Judy took Gwenny down to Southside Park and got her to pose in front of the canal.


Shawn and Jenn have been down visiting friends in Tennessee, and I found a couple pictures of Paige and Emmie off of their facebook page.  Looks like little Emmie has this John Deere on cruise control, and is just looking to cut Rick’s Lawn out in BC… he needs a new JD!  Little Paige is hanging on for dear life!


They have a whole bunch of friends in Tennessee after living there for 3 years… looks like Paige is on the far left, and Emmie is 3rd in from the left below…


Looks like they had a great time in Tennessee, and are now back in Ottawa.  Dr. Shawn has to work on Friday at the Hospital, and Jenn starts a new job on Monday of next week!

First thing tomorrow, I am off for London for another scan of the old thyroid gland!  I going to have more pictures of it than our grandkids soon!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Good luck with the scan. Praying for excellent results.

  2. What a Gorgeous Gaggle of Girls!!

    Good luck with the scan.

  3. Great pictures of the Grands! That one on the John Deere is priceless. What does Emmie charge for cutting lawns anyway. I'd like to pay her by the hour because it looks like she could do it in 10 minutes!

    Great picture of Gwenny as usual!

  4. The rain and flooding sure hit us pretty good too. But at least you had an inside job today, soon be all done.