Monday, June 25, 2012

We headed back to Woodstock today...


Yes, we headed back to Woodstock today... over 600 klms. away... so it took us a little over 7 hours on the road! We really enjoyed our visit to the Hollinger's in Ottawa, and found it very hard to leave today...

Shawn and Jenn were up early and off to work, leaving the care of Emmie and Paige with Lita, the Nanny. It was really overcast in Ottawa, but the further east we headed, the better the weather got!

We brought back a gas powered pressure washer with us from Shawn's garage, and will use it to wash Chris and Kristina's deck in the next while...

On our drive today, we received a couple pictures from Kristina of Gwenny, (of course...) and she is right into playing in the sand these days in a new sand box they got for her...

Kristina was wondering how Gwenny got sand all over her face while playing, and soon had an answer to that question in the picture below... girls will be girls!

Of course we have to have one last picture of Emmie and Paige in tonight's blog... Judy took this one just before we said our "goodbye's"... Paige always has a doll or two close by... love it!

When we stopped in at the house to drop off the pressure washer, there was a box delivered for Judy that we picked up. A special delivery from the Government of Canada! Judy spent 18 years working for Revenue Canada, and Corrections Canada before retiring. They had a Ceremony to celebrate Retirement's, however our schedule did not allow us to attend, so they shipped the awards to Judy...

The Government of Canada sent one, and the other was sent from Corrections Canada... now, remember who we were hob nobbing with on the past weekend... yes, the Govenor General! Now check this out... the signiture on the Government Plaque...


Yes, that would be the Prime Minister, Stephen Harper no less! We are turning into a very Political Family! What is next... lunch with the Queen???

Anyways, congratulations on your retirement my Dear!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Oh how difficult it would be to leave those lovely kids. I am sure you got our grandparents' fix.

    CONGRATULATIONS. Please pass on my best to the Queen.

  2. Hey John, tell Judy that a little Photoshop editing could replace Stephen Harper's signature so it doesn't show on that otherwise nice diploma!!

    Must have been tough to leave those cute little granddaughters - I'd love to see some pics of all three of them together sometime.

    I guess Gwenny is just getting used to sand in the face - it seems to happen to all of us at some time or other.

  3. tea with the queen!..I predict that will be next!..your family is so popular!!!

  4. You sure have some adorable granddaughters. I miss having grandkids young enough to enjoy sandboxes - that was so much fun.

  5. Glad you had a nice visit and being recognized for years of service is always a nice touch too.
    Congratulations Judy.

  6. Great pix of the grandkids. What's not to like, eh?

    You do hob nob with the high politicos.....or your political party cheques are real standouts.....(your political donations, I mean)!

    You did have a nice time in Ottawa!

  7. excellent pics of those gorgeous ladies...grandtots sure are special..congrats on the certificates..:)...