Sunday, June 10, 2012

Learning Blogsy...

Already I'm liking the new program "Blogsy" that I bought the other day, designed specific for iPad Users. It seems very user friendly, just a bit of a learning curve.

It is very easy to manipulate pictures and text. Changing font size, and picture size is a it!

There is a great side bar button for Google, you can google right inside Blogsy and simply drag it into your post!

The same goes with YouTube...a nice side button allows you to search, then drag to add!

These are some of the basics, but the are very easy.

Yesterday Rick commented about the size if my pictures being too big for my template...what the heck??? Well, when I got looking, he was right! Blogsy has a nice sliding scale that allows you to easily re-size your picture.

Above is the Blogsy logo, and already I'm prepared to recomend Blogsy for the iPad to anyone with a blog! At $4.99 it is a deal!


Real hot here today... At least 33 deg. C. This afternoon...



Judy and I went for a nice motorcycle ride to London on the back roads of Zorra Township. (I think Zorro lives here...)


Told you it was easy to get pictures...

Till tomorrow...



  1. You are right everything has its learning curves. When I saw Saturday's post it never dawned on me that the pictures didn't fit just right.

    We're still learning blogger after eight months so it will be a while before we start worrying about Blogsy.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Looking good, John. Great job on the picture sizing for Blogsy.

    I've got the $4.99 to buy it - all I need now is an iPad!

  3. Aren't you all full of good news. The blog looks great and the pictures are clear and sized great! Good job!

  4. Glad that blogsy is working good. However, I feel that this post has a distinct lack of cuteness due to no Gwenny pictures! I may be biased though ;)


  5. good job...glad you found a program that works well on the IPad..humm wonder if it will work on the mac book pro....