Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Back to 1/2 speed today...

Yes, I am feeling better today, not 100%, but starting to get there... this bug can set you on your butt... be careful out there!


YES! The heat is on once again! Ontario is heading right back into another heat wave with temperatures expected to be 34 deg. C. tomorrow and higher to come as we enter Canada Day long weekend! Love it! Sure looks like the people out on the west coast could use some of this, and it still appears to be damp out there...

Today was 29 deg. and humid... we decided to head into Town, and ran into Gwenny and her Mom, and decided to take a walk! While there are a lot of different hiking trails around, I wanted to do something a little different... we walked downtown! Imagine that! Downtown cores in many of our Towns and Cities in Ontario have taken it on the chin over the past number of years, thanks mainly to the big old shopping malls we all seem to love! Woodstock's Dundas Street, is very long, and holds lots of business... and I really enjoyed the walk today!

It is only a couple blocks from the house down to Dundas, and Gwenny was all decked out in a nice summer outfit, thanks to Jenn and Shawn in Ottawa, who sent back a nice bundle of cloths for Gwenny, that Paige and Emmie have grown out of!

While we made the hike downtown, we passed this nice home, with gardens out front that were second to none! Someone spends a lot of time outside!

Dundas St. is quite long, and while there are a few empty stores, most are full of business that seem to be doing alright as a whole...


Typical of many of our Towns, Woodstock is all worked up with nice sidewalks, and many planters that contains flowers and trees... makes for a nice downtown.

Above is the Woodstock City Hall... they spent all of last year restoring the outside of this building, and they did a terrific job, including keeping the right time on the big clock!

We were walking for an hour and a half, so decided we should stop in at the Miss Woodstock Restaurant, for a bite to eat... Why is it, that when a little baby smiles and waves at everyone in the place, they all have to stop and say hello, and pinch Gwenny's cheeks????

Gwenny couldn't make it home without taking a bit of a snooze... it is tuff being a kid!

After all this excitement, Judy and I headed home, where I took life very easy this afternoon!

Bring on the heat!

Welcome to Deb C. tonight, who recently became our 126th blog follower!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Glad you're feeling better and please keep your germs up that way. We've been hanging in there really well with not being sick and I want to keep it that way. Downtowns have definitely been hit hard. Parking is always an issue and they haven't quite figured out how to fix that. At least not here in Billings.

  2. Just what did you give Gwenny to drink in that restaurant anyway? She looks totally passed out in her stroller. Really cute pic of her in the restaurant.

    You did pretty good for an old sick guy today!

  3. So happy your are feeling better.
    Woodstock looks like a lovely town.