Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Back to work day!

Lots of interest in last nights blog, which was about using the iPad 3 to do a blog!  Many thanks for the thoughts and comments received, and many thanks to Rick who suggested that I try the App “Blogsy” which is on the Apple App Store for $4.99.  I am going to try it Rick, all I need is a bit of time to “git around to it” as they say!  Time is always at a premium it seems, but I will get there!

This morning we were into the kid’s house in Woodstock to start work on the dining room…  below is the before picture… no, we didn’t have to lift the piano!  It is on wheels!


Of course you have to put on your best painting clothes to do a job like this, and Kristina found one of her best outfits!


Next you have to survey the job!  Too bad we didn’t have white hard hats, and a Timmy’s in our hand… (Note the colour of the ceiling… like a maroon!)


Most important part of painting is having Judy entertain Gwenny for the day!  She did a great job, and reports Gwenny was in a great mood!


Today was a priming kind of day, as we have to prime all the walls and the ceiling…


We got a good start, and will continue tomorrow…


A good friend of ours, from Gravenhurst, is currently on a big time motorcycle trip!  Bob left Gravenhurst about 2 weeks ago, and is riding up into Alaska.  He has started up a blog, and if you get a chance, take a peek at it.  He has some great shots of the mountains and wildlife up in Alaska!  You can find the blog at Hickery On The Move


Till tomorrow…


  1. well you've certainly had a busy day...and I'd say Judy got the best job of all!

  2. Boy are you two keeping busy. I think the room looks nice now. Can't wait to see the "after" photos.

  3. going to be a very nice job, guys!

  4. Nothing like old paint clothes for painting that's for sure.

    I'll be Gwenny would have had fun helping!

  5. That how I like to "work" help out with other people's projects, always seems much more fun than having to do it for yourself.