Thursday, June 21, 2012

Welcome to the Nation's Capital.

Yes, we made it to Ottawa this afternoon in all the heat! A/C was going all the way today, as the humidex was over 40 deg. C.

As soon as we arrived Paige and Emmie's had to sing "I'm a Barbie Girl" song for us on their singing microphones!

Next was dress up time...

Judy brought the girl's some Canada day supplies...


By 5:00 we were off for soccer! Emmie's had a bit of time to play in the park before the game...


I got to be her "helper" out on the field during the practice session...

Emmie's is a great soccer player, and enjoys playing...had some problems with my pictures, but tomorrow is another day!

Till tomorrow...


  1. enjoy your time with Emmie and Paige!!! darn cute!!

  2. What a fun-filled day with the grandkids. Make all those memories while you can!

  3. You and Judy sure have the cutest granddaughters!

    That weather is pretty hard to imagine - 40C, wow! I'd be on the sidelines drinking gatorade more than playing soccer.

  4. Nice to get away and love the drive to Ottawa, have a nice visit and time to cooler weather.

  5. That is high heat and humidity too! Hope you can manage to find some shade. And, you made it on time for the soccer practice. Nice!

  6. Ahhh, a couple of stars are born as well as an athlete! Cute pictures.