Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hello… Boss… It’s too hot, I can’t come in today!

Well, I figured that worked the other night when I phoned in sick… but might not be able to get away with it tonight…rats!  It sure was hot here today!  Mid 30’s and too too much hot sun… you had to be in the shade, nothing else would do!

Kristina called at 10:00 this morning, saying “help, it is too hot, and we need a pool… do you have one???”  Yes, we have a lovely pool at our park, so out they came for the day!

This is what we did a lot of today, sitting outside as in the pic below, drinking lemonade!  Gwenny had her princess hat on, as she is one!


Just give her a pool and a ball, and she is off to the races…


Our park owners, Ron and Jane, have been starting the decorating for Canada Day!


Below Gwenny goes for a dunk… she just loves it!


This is what Patra did all day today!


Have to thank Rick over at Rick & Paulette's RV Travels who put up a great blog on how to do a complete backup of your computer on your external hard drive… as it turns out, it is very simple to do of course… however, I don’t know why it is I have to read one of his blogs before I actually go and do whatever it is he is talking about!  What’s with that???  Anyways, thanks Rick, we now have both our laptops backed up, and our iPad is backed up on some cloud somewhere floating over South America right about now!

RIP RIM   Must say too bad about RIM, a local Waterloo based Company, that sells the very popular Blackberry!  I cannot believe how fast they are falling out of grace with the public and the stock markets!  Last week, they laid off 2,000 employees in Waterloo, and tonight 5,000 more.  As far as I am concerned, they are done like dinner!  Even though they currently have 2 Billion $$$$ in the Bank, it will not last as far as I am concerned.  Move over Nortel.

Till tomorrow…


  1. When I read your headline I had already composed my one word headline - WIMP!! I take it back though as you had a tough day drinking lemonade!

    Does Gwenny ever, every cry? Is that a permanent laugh or a very clever mask? She is one happy looking baby.

    Thanks for the shout out on backing up your laptops..... but, about your backing up your iPad into the clouds over South America?

    I hear it's raining there right now. I also heard it's raining like "bits and bytes"! I'm sure your data's o.k. though, right?

  2. Tough day in the heat for you guys! Send some heat this way, won't you?

    As to RIM, it is a sad story. To have to release so many employees in such little time is sure to affect the local economy.

  3. Patra and Gwenny are the smart ones - way to keep cool. Been so wet and rainy here in Oregon, our pool is too cold to swim in right now. Maybe next week when I have grandgirls again...