Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hospital visit on the long weekend....yuck!

Last evening, I ran into problems with my ear... pressure built up during the afternoon, and then around 8:00 or so last night, it burst like a dam! Not a nice feeling, one that I can't remember experiencing before... kinda freaked me out! We are fortunate to have a Dr. in the Family, so a quick call to Ottawa and Dr. Shawn was on the phone, telling me this is kind of a normal condition... explains to me when it burst like a dam, it discharges right through your eardrum! Not to worry Dad, he says, it will heal! I said "ehhh?"

He recomended I go and see someone today, so we were out the door at 9:00 heading to the walk in clinic that was of course "closed" due to Canada Day Long Weekend. We decided (while biting our lip) to head up to the Woodstock Hospital, and check out the hordes of people surley at the ER. Well, seems like everyone was too excited about it being a long weekend, and it only took us 1/2 an hour, in and out, after seeing a Dr. He told me the exact same things that Shawn had told me...(do you think they get together on this stuff?) Inspected my ear, and said, "wow, lots of dishcarge" and then abruptly wrote out a slip for some anti-biotick and sent me packing. Judy and I were quite pleased at only having to spend 1/2 an hour there... she came along for my moral support, I tend to turn into a whimp when I get sick.

The weather here continues to be very hot! Crazy hot actually today. Next few days are all the same!

Rick made a comment on last nights blog, about a trademark now at the bottom of the blog that says "Posted with Blogsy". (Not much gets by Rick...) Yesterday I noticed on my iPad under the App Store, that I had some updates to down load. One of them was Blogsy. They made some changes to the program to help you load pictures and videos and a few other things... Three guys developed this program, and listen to their customers and react to the comments and suggestions they make! At least the updates are free! The program only cost $5.00, and if you have an iPad, and want to blog, you will soon be using Blogsy! I like it!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Hope your ear heals quickly - that doesn't sound like any fun. ~~Happy Canada Day~~

  2. Thanks for the tip, if my ear ever explodes I'll know what to do now - after I stop screaming!!

    That Blogsy program seems to be a good one - I may have to buy an iPad just to try it out.

    Have a good holiday weekend!

    That ear thing sounds scarey! Glad it will heal on its own. Hope you feel better today!

  4. Oh Lord. "Blogsy"? "IPad"? I'm just totally lost.
    Well, "behind the times", mostly.

    So, best not to panic if one of my ears explodes?
    Good to know.
    Glad everything "came out all right", for you.

  5. Yes its brutal hot, but myself I do enjoy it, can always cool down much easier than warm up.
    Nice you only had a 1/2 hour wait, that's amazing!