Sunday, June 17, 2012

Visiting the Edison Museum...

On our trip last week to Port Burwall, we drove through Vienna, a small Town near Port Burwell. It turns out that Thomas Edison's Grand Father lived here. Grand Dad had good friends that ended up donating their home, and many artifacts to the Edison Museum.

Edison Museum
Edison was born in American. His Dad was from Canada, however his involvement in the MacKenzie Revolution chased him into the U.S. He grew up in Port Huron, Michagan. He holds 1,093 U.S. Patents in his name, and started many Companies including General Electric.

One of his big inventions was the phonograph player, and they had a few on display in the museum, and they still work, and were demonstrated for us... Very cool!

This one below is an old drum type player, and was neat to watch and hear...

The student who ran the museum gave Judy and I a private tour...check out the early view master Edison invented below...

Below is one of many large Family Bibles, that had the Family births listed.

Below is an addressograph he invented that was a type of printing press...

Edison's record players played at 80 rpm, so you could not play other records that played at 78 rpm...

Below is an invention they found on his desk after he passed is artificial rubber!

We spent over an hour looking around, and enjoying our tour.

Oh, yes they did have a bunch of his light bulbs, but I could not get a good picture. This was a place we did not know existed, and really enjoyed it!

Hope all the Fathers out there enjoyed Father's Day... I did.

Till tomorrow...


  1. Edison was a generous! Great tour.

  2. fascinating inventor-brilliant man...looks like you had a great tour...excellent pics..thanks for sharing

  3. Interesting that the old phonographs still play. That would be fun to see.

  4. Happy Father's day to you!..sounds like you had a good day!!..

  5. Just loved touring the Port Burwell area and small village of Vienna such a nice unspoiled area of Ontario.

  6. Steve Jobs has been called the Thomas Edison of our times. I was fascinated to see the progression from Edison's phonograph to our iPhones and iPads. Great post!

    Hope you had a great Father's Day.