Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On the road again...

Yes, we are on the road again...

Tonight we are on our way to Seagrave to visit Judy's brother Howard, and wife Teri. Judy wants to return some Family Tee material to Howard, and have a visit.

Tomorrow we will head to Ottawa, and hope we make it in time for Emmie's soccer game in the evening! Looking forward to it!


Shawn tells us she is doing very well...

With the power of iPad, I am posting as we drive Hwy. 9! Stay cool everyone!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Hey, isn't there a law against Blogging While Driving?

  2. Nice to be on the road again. Our coach is a mobile hotspot so while I am driving Suzie can compute, navigate with microsoft streets and trips GPS, and surf the net almost anywhere we go. Sure is nice that you enjoy you I-pad. Safe travels.