Monday, June 11, 2012

Another scorcher here in Ontario!

Phew... 28 deg. Celsius here today and humid! Looks like we are in for a great week weather wise...

Helped Kristina with a few trim items at Her house this morning, and got a Gwenny fix for the day! Had complaints that I had no "Gwenny" pictures in last night's blog, so to keep fans happy...


Gwenny was up for a bath last night after dinner... Check out the hair!


Gwenny loved the bubbles above...

This afternoon, even in the heat, Judy cut our lawn...needed it after all the rain lately.


Even though I am sold on "The Solution", for cleaning and waxing... I still like to use auto wax on the RV. It leaves a nice finish, and gives me a heavy duty work out just doing it! Completed half of the RV today, about 3 hours worth...

Now, let's see if Los Angeles can finish off New Jersey tonight!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Wonderful news about your weather!

    What a hoot Gwenny is in that tub. If they could only remain that little and innocent.

    WOW...I haven't seen anyone use a mower like that for ages...hehe

  2. feel free to send some of that heat this was sunny but its the first in about a rain today about soggy weather...Gwenny is a the tub...we did the same thing with hannah when she was little she was fearful in the MH in the shower so we dumped out a tote and bathed her in

  3. 4-0 right now..wax on wax off..good exercise!!

  4. Love the Meguiar's Liquid wax so easy to use and does an awesome job. And you get some exercise to boot.
    Will take all this hot weather we can get.

  5. Thanks for the Gwenny fix!

    I love using the Solution as well but, like you, I still like to put a coat of wax on. It's on my long list of things to do this summer.

    We're still cool and wet out here on the coast.

  6. Nice Gwenny picks, and what a hockey season who would have believed the Kings doing what they did. Devils made those last couple of games interesting though. Going to give Meguiar's a try and use the Solution in between. Thanks for the tip.