Saturday, June 23, 2012

CHEO Picnic...

The City of Ottawa, and the Children's Hospital Eastern Ontario, (CHEO) put on an awareness picnic for the people of Ottawa at Rideau Hall today. Rideau Hall is the home of the Govenor General for Canada, David Johnston. First, we enjoyed a great pancake breakfast, at which I was too hungry to take any pictures...

There are many acres of Parkland included, and that was where the picnic was held.

As our Son, Shawn, is a Dr. At CHEO, he volunteered to help out with the picnic. He helped out in the BASH Unit... (bear amblitory surgery hospital) as a surgeon! Kid's bring their Teddy Bear in, get them admitted, and then see a "Dr." to see what can be done to fix their Bear.

Waiting for admitting above...there was a big line up of Kid's all day long!

Above is where the Dr.'s did their work...

Check out all the tents set up above for surgery!

Emmie's and Paige both wanted to take their Bears to Dr. Shawn for the visit!


This is one of the few times we get to see Shawn "at work" was great...a photographer from The Ottawa Citizen took pictures of Shawn checking Paige's Bear!


Soon, after we left Shawn to do his work, we missed the BIG story of the day! The Govenor General, David Johnston, His Wife, Sharon Johnston, and Maureen Harper, Wife of Prime Minister Harper, all brought Bears in the tent to be looked at, and they all went to Dr. Shawn for the visit! Of course we all missed this live, but we are trying to track down pictures, as all the media follow these people!

The Kid's got to meet Miss Teen Ontario at the Picnic...

Paige loved riding her horse! There was a bunch of rides for the Kid's and we did them all!

The OPP and Army had great displays, and I took Emmie's with me to see OPP Officer shows her all the buttons on a new cruiser.

The little boy above liked this brand new artillery gun...I had a talk with a 23 year old Canadian War Hero, who fought in Afganistan, and showed me all about the gun, and what he did! It was amazing!

We got to see an armored car, and wear a helmet.

As you can tell, it was a very busy day for all of us! Shawn was tired after 3 hours of non stp teddy bear visits!

We relaxed this afternoon, with Shawn taking a couple hours to show me how to "REALLY" use an iPad! He uses one at the Hospital, and is a big time Techie when it comes to the latest gadgets. I now have a bunch of new iPad Apps.

Till tomorrow...



  1. what a great family day!!!..looks like it was a ton of fun!

  2. What a great day for everyone.

    Oh for Pete's sakes. I forgot your son just became a Dr. Forget that stupid comment I made yesterday. GEESH!

  3. Great to see you hob-nobbing with the Governor!!

    Looked like a great day for kids, teddy bears and doctors too not to mention grandparents.

    I hope Dr. Shawn didn't have to do any bear-saving surgery yesterday.

  4. A wonderful fun family day for all and an I-pad lesson to boot. Great times.

  5. It looks like Sean made it to the Governor Generals website.

  6. What an awesome day you had. Can't beat getting out and about with family and having a great time with the grand kids.