Saturday, June 9, 2012

Welcome to Blogsy!

Well, I broke the bank today and purchased the program "Blogsy", from the Apple App Store. $4.99 was the cost... OK, maybe I didn't break the bank. Hopefully I can get this blog to post!

It rained here all morning as we took life easy and caught up on blogs...

This afternoon we took a hike up the Standard Tube Trail...this follows the Thames River and is a great walk. Lots of assorted flowers today. Below are Dames Rockets! Lots of these along the trail...

Look at the field of them I found! They were all over the place...

all pictures were taken today on the smart phone and xfered to the iPad for posting.

Walking up to the Thames, I could tell right away the water levels are way up after all the rain we have had!

Caught Judy crossing a swampy area above... Nice day for a hike.

I would like to welcome Deb C tonight as our latest blog follower!

Well,going to try and post... Wish me luck! Using the program is a piece of cake so far!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Looks like a lovely trail.
    Wishing you all the luck you need for successful posting! This one worked great.

  2. Nice trail for a hike! I'm glad you knew the name of those flowers because I posted the exact same ones yesterday - unnamed, because I didn't have a clue "flower child"!!

    Your blog posted just fine. It looks like you may have to do some research on picture sizing as they were a tad large for the template.

  3. glad that blogsy was money well spent!!..nice day for a hike! is the humidity?

  4. Great post and beautiful pictures!!

  5. Looking pretty god, like Ricks says thou maybe downsize pictures a tad.