Wednesday, June 13, 2012

When Mom goes away...

So what do you think happens here when little Gwenny's Mom goes away for the day! Let me tell you! Kristina took the 8:15 a.m. Via Train into Toronto this morning to visit her long time friend Amanda, who is celebrating a birthday! (Happy Birthday Amanda!) With Daddy at work, Judy and I were lined up as the keepers of Gwenny for the day. No problem!

So, what to do? Go shopping of course! I have heard over years that Women like to do this!

I quickly made a call to my friends at the Royal Bank, and before you know it Gwenny has her first RBC Visa Card with a big old limit on it! Now that she had the tools, it was time to hit Walmart...

So Gwenny is right into balls right now...this one seemed a bit big, but whatever...
Found a smaller one, but did not seem happy at the moment...
Augh... She is starting to get "into" it now above as Judy helps pick out some Canada Day clothes...


Gwenny was soon getting hungary from all this shopping, so we stopped at Mickey D's for a Big Mac and Fries...


After lunch she hit the mother load, picking up a new iPad 3! She really likes ours, so needed one of her own!


Tiring of all the shopping, her eyes getting tired, she started "California Dreaming..." of all the good times" she had in DHS last winter...

After Walmart her and Judy played 18 holes over at Woodstock Meadows, yeah, I know...she wanted to drive!

Funny, our good friends Deb and Gerard showed up to golf as well, and maybe bring me back my reading glasses I left at the cottage last week... Ooopps... (thanks guys...)

Still not out of energy, we headed for the park where she soon got into the swing of things...

They were having too much fun...we all soon headed for the house and Gwenny is now down for a two hour snooze hopefully!

I am whipped... (and her Mom is not home until after 7:00 this evening)

A day spent with Gwenny... PRICELESS!

Till tomorrow...



  1. That was such a cute post - put a smile on my face for sure! Love that photo of her with "her" VISA card...won't be long! What a great day and what a lovely granddaughter.

  2. How funny! You did an excellent job of taking us though just another day in the life of Gwenny. Hope she didn't wear you two out with all the shopping.

  3. What a lucky lady I am to be able to go have a girl's day in the city knowing little Gwenny's in such loving and capable hands! Man was I happy to return home to that munchkin though :D

  4. a great day with Gwenny...the two of you couldn't have asked for more!..nice to see her happy smiles!..hope she is enjoying the new 'stuff'!

  5. A great post! You and Judy are terrific Grandparents that's for sure.

    I'm glad you are teaching her the important things in life too as she gets older - shopping, visa card, Mickey D's - all essentials for a little girl!

    Rack up the credit card, Gwenny, your Grandpa is loaded!!

    Cute pics of Gwenny - as always!

  6. Another great posting. Such precious times and memories can be had as they grow up so fast. So nice that you are able to enjoy your time with her.