Thursday, June 7, 2012

Back into the furnace!

Up at six this morning, and on the Honda at 7:00 heading for London!  Thought I was going in for an ultra sound of the thyroid, however they had a different plan in London.  They had me in for a nuclear scan of the thyroid, so now I glow in the dark again!  Oh boy, I hate that… 

Headed right into Woodstock after that, and started painting!  Today, no pictures to prove it, but we got all the painting done!  Two coats of everything, and all is good.  Tomorrow will finish off the trim work, and start putting the room back together!  Looking good! Only problem is, I am wiped!

Judy was in charge of Gwenny again, and judging by the picture below, they were having a ball!


It really turned warm this afternoon, so after the work was all done, we all headed back to the RV for a BBQ, and the kids wanted to go swimming, problem was, our pool was down to 73 deg. C. but that did not stop them!  It cooled off from all the rain we had recently…


Too tired to blog much further tonight…

Must welcome “Active RVer” to our blog followers list tonight!  Good to have you aboard!

Till tomorrow…


  1. So will you keep everybody awake tonight with your glowing? Get some good sleep tonight.

  2. Gwenny has to be the happiest baby I've ever seen!

    Congrats on getting the painting job done. We're just about to begin room #2 here!

  3. Nice to finish up a project, think you should rest a day before going on to the next one thou.

  4. That Gwenny is one happy little girl. We can't wait to get back to Ohio and have a BBQ with family also. What fun!