Monday, April 22, 2013

"We are on the road again..."

Florida got the last kick in today, as rain continued most of the night, and into this morning... however it was still nice and warm, so not so bad.

We were on the road at 9:00 after getting ready, dumping tanks etc. so all was good, well for the first 5 miles! We had no sooner settled into our travels along the Hwy. 95 North, when Judy came whizzing by me and motioned me to pull over. Normally we would have used our hand radios, but there are some technical issues there! After I got over, she jumped out and told me I had lost the rear AC Unit cover! Yikes. She said it blew off the top of the RV and landed somewhere way off to the right of the highway, probably in a bunch of pieces. Oh man... always something.

We decided to carry on and about 3 miles up the road, was the St. Augustine Branch of Camping World! What would the odds be I asked myself! Might as well try and find out.

At least it stopped raining when we pulled into Camping World. We went in and talked to the Parts Dept. and they soon brought out a cover, which we quickly discounted, as it was too small. Judy found a paper in our manual folder indicating the model number of our Duel Therm Units, so with that in hand they were able to quickly find us a new cover for about $80.00! Perfect.

Here I am checking out the new cover, getting ready to climb up the ladder... What do you mean the Fountain of Youth is not working for me... Don't I look like Tom Cruise?

Careful now... don't fall! In 10 minutes I was able to secure the new cover with the four screws and we were all set to go. I wanted to get the new cover, as our AC motor was exposed without the cover, and would have been ruined with all the rain we had to drive through today. Thanks Camping World!

As best I can tell, our old one must have gotten cracked, and a gust of wind grabbed it and peeled it off the roof... no other reason I could figure out. Welcome to life in the RV.

In no time we were out of Florida, and into Georgia and climbing this monster bridge over a river...

Tonight we are in the Jolly Acres RV Park, at St. George's in South Carolina. What a real nice RV Park this one is... very new, but only about 35 total sites. It is a gorgeous night, and we pulled out the Weber and put a couple burgers on for dinner.


We were able to get a nice drive through site, and had room enough for the Jeep as well... all services and only $17.00 tonight with our Passport America Membership.

There is a nice little fenced in pond on the grounds, with 3 ducks inside... Judy was checking it out.

This picture above is for Rene. Check it out. It is a 3500 series truck, with dual wheels on back, pulling a monster 40 foot 5th wheel, and also has a brand new Suzuki Burgman 650 on the FRONT!!!!! That Burgman has to weigh at least 650 to 700 lbs. I wonder how that truck drives! They were on their way home to Quebec.

Our Grandaughter Emmie called us today... All excited about losing her first tooth. Shawn took an iPhone pic and sent it to us. Hope the Tooth Fairy makes it tonight!

So, the answer to yesterday's question was "C" Grimms Law, and of course Kristina got it right! Problem was, I got it wrong... and I owe Kristina an apology, as she has her Masters in Linguistics, not a BA as I had mentioned. Sorry Kristina!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Nice that you got the ac cover replaced so reasonable and quickly there at camping world. Good price.
    Travel safe and we are warming things up for you here.

  2. John,

    That motorcycle ramp on the front of the F-350 dually is interesting. It would clearly add weight to the front suspension but I suspect the truck can handle it.

    Now that I have the swivel wheel - and three years of experience with it - I will stick with that for next while.

    Thanks for the thought.

  3. That's a great pic of Emmie showing her missing tooth! Sure hope the Tooth Fairy does show up for her.

    Good catch on the cover for your A/C unit. I'm really surprised Camping World had a match in stock.

    Nice looking campground you're staying at.

  4. The same thing happened to our A/C shroud last year in windy Texas.

    When I went on the roof to investigate, I found that the sun had dried out the plastic and broke around all four screws.

    A new replacement for our Coleman was over $150.00, but I found a used one for $50.00

    Emmie sure is a cutie !!

    Safe travels home ... TnT