Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lake June in Winter State Park...

Simply another gorgeous day here in Florida. We decided it was time to take another Motorcycle ride, yes, we seem to be wearing those machines out lately.

I took a look at the map, and decided a little trip down to Lake Placid was in order.... it is about an hour and a half drive.

Some iPad research showed a Florida State Park, Lake June, was nearby, so we wanted to check it out...


This is a very under developed wilderness Park. The only facilities are the Privy, and some picnic tables.

Here I am above checking Google Earth on the iPad to get an idea of where we were in the park. There was a nice little 1/2 mile trail we took, through some heavy vegatation.

In Florida, you are always on the alert for Alligators... we did not see any today though...

You can see above how thick the ground cover is here...

We made it down to Lake June... no beach here... just Alligator country...

I am checking out a little river flowing underneath me for any signs of fish. There was no fish, but the water was crystal clear.

Again, a real thick Jungle we were in today...


If you were ever wondering, here is the order of the food chain! I don't see Humans in there though....


On the way out of the Park, Judy found these cactus plants that had flowered. Lots of rain lately, you can tell.


We took 1/2 an hour, and drove around Lake Placed. It is a neat little Town, and it is full of Murals... we will come back maybe next year for better pictures, but here is a cattle drive going by on this mural, complete with full sound effects of the cattle!

Had a great day...

Till tomorrow...



  1. We could cherish a motorcycle ride out there in Florida. Sure happy to see someone else out there riding though!

    We're in northern California and it just started to rain....hard too!

  2. You are on the lookout for alligators and we're on the lookout for rattlesnakes every where we go. The way you're covering ground you're going to need new tires shortly. How fun is that.

  3. Don't think I would want to encounter an alligator, but it does look like a beautiful place. I always enjoy murals and admire those who take the time to paint them. Seems like it would be a lot of work.

  4. We have been curious about the Lake Placid area. Looks like an interesting place to explore. I don't think I have ever seen a mural with sound effects. Were you kidding about that part?

  5. So much to see and do, while you are there, enjoy it while you can.
    Things starting to warm up a bit at home.