Friday, April 12, 2013

Off day...

While we are still in the sauna down here in Florida, with temps over 85 Deg. F. today, it was overcast and looking like it was going to rain. Never did. Air conditioners got a good work out though... Seems strange that we see freezing rain and snow falling in Ontario still... yikes!

Today turned into an off day... well for me anyways. Judy was busy cleaning and doing laundry...not sure where she found all the energy.

Made a trip down to Camping World this afternoon to pick up a couple RV items, and took the opportunity to look at a few RV's and kick some tires. How about a $380,000.00 Itasca Expedition! Real nice.

Other than that... not a lot on the go.

Till tomorrow...



  1. Yep its cold and damp here, stay there for a few more days. I think that coach may be nice for someone but much more than we would ever want, We are quite happy with what we have, absolutely perfect.

  2. Just watched Global National TV News, here in BC, Canada, and it's not looking good, weather wise, in southern Ontario. So, you know you are better off staying where you are, for the next few days.

    Nice coach!

  3. those are mighty expensive 'tires' you kicked! but that coach is a beauty!!
    rainy and wet here!

  4. I can see you and Judy breezing along in that nice new MH! Wouldn't that be nice?

    May as well stay in Florida until Ontario warms up a tad.

  5. It has been raining all week. A couple inches of snow on the deck Thursday but it is all gone again. I am sure we have seen the last of the white stuff for the season - finally.
    Rain again today and about +5 right now (11:30 am). Maybe sunshine on Monday and then back to rain. If I was you I would stay in the sunshine for as long as you can. To say it mildly the weather sucks here!!!