Friday, April 19, 2013

Saved by the Fountain of Youth!

Just another great day of touring around St. Augustine again today, with simply beautiful weather to boot! We were off by 9:30 this morning, back to Old Town Area to get ourselves rejuvenated!


Back at our Trolly Depot, to ride the trolley, as when you buy your tickets, they are good for 3 days!

However the reality is that your trolley goes no faster than the horse! At least he did eventually turn off!

Yes folks, we did find the Fountain of Youth! Who would not believe???

The Fountain of Youth was discovered by none other than Ponce de Leon, and this site has had humans living on it for over 3,000 years! Now, I am not sure how many arms and legs the people 3,000 years ago had...

This guy above is guarding the Fountain of Youth inside the building...

Judy could hardly wait to drink from the Fountain... in fact, she kind of cheated and had 2 glasses! The Docent told us that the water coming out of the Fountain right now dates back to the time of Abe Lincoln! You have to believe!

The Timucuan Indians lived on this site before all those Spanish Guys showed up, and they welcomed the Spanish... at first anyways...

We watched a great Planetarium Show right here on the grounds, as well as a presentation of how the Spanish got here, on a large 2 storey Globe that we could not get pictures of. It was very cool.

They had a great presentation down by the waterfront, on a couple weapons from 1565! Check it out. This guy above, and a friend of his, actually had this replica rifle made from the day...

This guy above is loading the Cannon... I will put in a couple videos I took of the rifle being shot, and the cannon going off as well, if you have the time to view them. They are short and sweet!


The Fountain of Youth is a great tour, and well worth the time to go and see... lots of history here! They are still digging it up!

We learned above how the Indians and Tribes of the times lived above... many of them living for up to 130 years apparently! Lots of water from the Fountain, and no stress lives... who needs Bank Managers?

Ya, that is one of two albino peacocks above... they live a stress free life, right beside that peanut machine you see above, that all the tourists feed them from!

Not wanting to create the blog of the century, I will stop now, and leave more for later!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Such a fun area to tour, glad you are enjoying it, don't rush back quite yet.

  2. That was way cool!! Thanks for the pictures and the videos. Can you send me a bit of the water from that fountain...on second thought, better make it a gallon or two!

  3. I just love this tour. I told Paul...we are doing this and all 3 days of it!

  4. Great tour! Can't wait to see a pic of Judy in a few days to see how much younger she looks after having 2 glasses from the Fountain of Youth.

    I'd try a couple of gallons myself!!

  5. Interesting tour of the area. Fountain of Youth? Can you ship some water out this way? We sure could use it.

  6. Seems like a perfect time of year to be touring St. Augustine. Have you visited the Spanish colonial bar called Taberna del Gallo where they sing sea shanties in the evening? The sangria is almost as rejuvenating as the fountain of youth water. :>)